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Fantasy Baseball Outfielders Rankings

The Outfield is where you are going to find the most value.  Last season 10 of the top 25, 19 of the top 50 and 36 of the top 100 fantasy baseball players were outfielders.  That list does not include OF eligible players like Chase Headley and Ben Zobrist.  If you can not land a top 3 or 4 first baseman, Miguel Cabrera, Robinson Cano, or the Justin Verlander's of the pitching world, then you better be drafting outfielders in the first two rounds!  Using our scoring system from last season (1B - 1pt, 2B - 2pts, 3B - 3pts, HR - 2pts, RBI - 2pts, R - 2pts, BB - 1pt, SB - 1pt) 28 OFs had at least 600 points while just 29 other NON pitchers reached 600.

The Arizona Diamondbacks will be without sleeper Adam Eaton until the end of May or even early June, as he deals with a sprained UCL.

Curtis Granderson will miss 10 weeks, breaking his arm after being hit by a pitch.  This was Granderson's 1st spring training plate appearance so it might even take longer than 10 weeks for Curtis to return to the New York Yankees lineup.  Draft wisely!

* - New Team
** - Sleeper

1.) Mike Trout - Los Angeles Angels
  • Mike Trout has to be 1st player ever to go from rookie to #1 overall draft pick in a single offseason in fantasy baseball history. He was unreal last year and there is no reason to believe he wont score 100+ runs, hit .300 with 30 doubles, 10 triples, 30 home runs, drive in 100+ RBI and steal 50 bases ...OUT OF THE LEADOFF SPOT! - @WeTlkFntsySprts
2.) Matt Kemp - Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Matt Kemp won fantasy championships for owners in 2011. Owners who drafted him in 2012 may not have been as happy. In a year where his goal was 50/50, he missed 60 games. No one will complain about his .300 average and 20+ HRs, but owners were expecting so much more. In 2013, Kemp may be part of one of the most talented lineups to ever play together in an MLB season. If he runs like he did in the past, he will once again win people fantasy championships. - @Schuch10
3.) Ryan Braun - Milwaukee Brewers
  • Beast Mode. Ryan Braun was supposed to fall back to Earth after his acquittal of his positive drug test. Unfortunately, for his critics, he had a 40/30 season after posting a 30/30 season. He has not hit under .300 since 2008 and has never hit under .285. 2010 was the only season Braun did not hit 30 HRs. In addition, he has had 30 or more steals in back to back seasons. In addition to the gaudy numbers, Braun has also proven to be durable, playing over 150 games since 2008. I am hard-pressed to find any chinks in the Hebrew Hammer?s armor. - @Schuch10
4.) Josh Hamilton *- Los Angeles Angels
5.) Andrew McCutchen - Pittsburgh Pirates

6.) Adam Jones - Baltimore Orioles
7.) Giancarlo Stanton - Miami Marlins
  • Great player, otherworldly potential, but I’m avoiding him in fantasy this year. Simply put, I don’t see teams pitching to him while he plays for a weak Marlins team. And in that lineup, I don’t see a lot of RBIs happening. The home run potential is tempting, but he’s looking like a one-category contributor to me. And while he can help you big-time in that category, at this draft position I need someone who can contribute in multiple ways.  - @RDevinHughes
8.) Jose Bautista - Toronto Blue Jays
9.) Carlos Gonzalez - Colorado Rockies
10.) Melky Cabrera *- Toronto Blue Jays

11.) Jay Bruce - Cincinnati Reds
12.) Matt Holliday - St. Louis Cardinals
13.) Mark Trumbo - Los Angeles Angels
14.) Ben Zobrist - Tampa Bay Rays
  • Fantasy Baseball Vision loves Ben Zobrist. Find out why here!
    • Not only do I have Zobrist targeted in every league this year but I feel his ADP is extremely too low. Currently he sits at 72. That’s a late 6th round pick…unbelievable!! Why do I love Zobrist so much this year? - @BrettBarton_FBV
15.) Nelson Cruz - Texas Rangers
16.) Bryce Harper - Washington Nationals
17.) Justin Upton *- Atlanta Braves
18.) Alex Gordon - Kansas City Royals
19.) Jason Kubel - Arizona Diamondbacks
20.) Austin Jackson - Detroit Tigers
  • Absolutely love Austin Jackson coming into 2013. The Tigers will have a MUCH improved offense in 2013 with the addition of OF Torii Hunter and return of C/DH Victor Martinez. Hard to believe that the reigning AL Champions could get a lot better, but I'm telling you they will be. We saw the results from Austin Jackson last year: .300/.377/.479 (yes, .856 OPS) with 16 HR, 103 Runs, 66 RBIs, 12 SBs.  With Hunter, Cabrera, Fielder and V-Mart behind him, and another year of MLB service in the books for Jackson, A-Jax will see continued growth in '13.  I like Jackson just outside the Top 15 OFs.  He makes a very good #2, and a great #3 outfielder on any fantasy squad.  Like him A LOT more than the likes of Kubel, Ethier, Swisher, Victorino. - @Jewish_Jeff
21.) Andre Ethier - Los Angeles Dodgers
22.) Yoenis Cespedes - Oakland Athletics
23.) Carlos Beltran - St. Louis Cardinals
24.) B.J. Upton *- Atlanta Braves
25.) Michael Bourn *- Cleveland Indians
26.) Hunter Pence - San Francisco Giants
27.) Jason Heyward - Atlanta Braves
  • Heyward recovered nicely from a bad sophomore season and hit 27 home runs while adding 30 doubles, 20 stolen bases and 82 RBI. The addition of B.J. Upton and Justin Upton would lead you to believe that Heyward's stats should jump across the board, but in losing Martin Prado, Heyward lost a leadoff hitter with a patient bat. I would love to rank him higher but his .226 career average against lefties is scary. - @WeTlkFntsySprts
28.) Josh Willingham - Minnesota Twins
  • WIllingham isn’t getting enough love this year. 3rd among outfielders in RBI. 5th in HR. Mark Trumbo had worse numbers yet is ranked way better. Mark Willingham down as a draft target and get his impressive power numbers at a discount. -  @RDevinHughes
29.) Shane Victorino *- Boston Red Sox
30.) Torii Hunter *- Detroit Tigers
31.) Alex Rios - Chicago White Sox
32.) Shin-Soo Choo *- Cincinnati Reds
33.) Michael Cuddyer - Colorado Rockies
34.) Curtis Granderson - New York Yankees
35.) Jacoby Ellsbury - Boston Red Sox
  • How the mighty have fallen. Ellsbury was a FIRST ROUND pick in many leagues last year, yet appears to have fallen off fantasy radars this year. This could be to your advantage. Remember, he is playing in a contract year and will be motivated to produce. Outfield is really deep this year, so I have no issues taking a high-upside guy here because I think I’ll be able to replace him if he doesn’t pan out. And if he does pan out, you got yourself a first-round talent for cheap. - @RDevinHughes
36.) Nick Swisher *- Cleveland Indians
37.) Alfonso Soriano - Chicago Cubs
38.) Angel Pagan - San Francisco Giants
39.) Nick Markakis - Baltimore Orioles
40.) Ichiro Suzuki - New York Yankees
  • Check out Baseball Professor's full Player Profile on Ichiro
    • Suzuki certainly is not the player he was five years ago, but he’s still a fantasy force. He almost never misses a game, and in 2013 he gets a full season as the Yankees’ lead-off hitter. His power played well a Yankee Stadium last year as he hit five homers in just 67 games with an 11.1% HR/FB rate, so it’ll be interesting to see if a full season in New York’s left-handed hitting haven significantly boosts Suzuki’s power numbers. - @BaseballProf
41.) Josh Reddick - Oakland Athletics
42.) Cody Ross *- Arizona Diamondbacks
43.) Matt Joyce - Tampa Bay Rays
44.) Carl Crawford - Los Angeles Dodgers
45.) Jayson Werth - Washington Nationals
46.) Desmond Jennings - Tampa Bay Rays
47.) Michael Brantley - Cleveland Indians
48.) Cameron Maybin - San Diego Padres
49.) Alejandro De Aza - Chicago White Sox
50.) David Murphy - Texas Rangers
51.) Carlos Quentin - San Diego Padres
52.) Denard Span - Washington Nationals
53.) Dayan Viciedo - Chicago White Sox
54.) Dexter Fowler - Colorado Rockies
55.) Carlos Gomez - Milwaukee Brewers
56.) Coco Crisp - Oakland Athletics
57.) Peter Bourjos - Los Angeles Angels
58.) Brett Gardner - New York Yankees
59.) Colby Rasmus - Toronto Blue Jays
60.) David DeJesus - Chicago Cubs
61.) Garrett Jones - Pittsburgh Pirates
62.) Michael Morse *- Seattle Mariners
  • Check out Baseball Professor's full Player Profile on Michael Morse
    • Excessive parenthetical explanations aside, Morse pretty much is what he is. And that’s why I’m surprised he’s not more highly sought after in early mock drafts — his current ADP on MDC is 162.8. I really wish he wasn’t such a strong ground ball hitter, which is sort of off for such a strong hitter in general, but I do believe that last year’s 2.25 GB:FB ratio is on the more extreme side. In 2010 and 2011 his GB:FB ratio was 1.22 and 1.21, respectively. - @BaseballProf
63.) Gerardo Parra - Arizona Diamondbacks
64.) Norichika Aoki - Milwaukee Brewers 65.) Ryan Ludwick - Cincinnati Reds
66.) Delmon Young *- Philadelphia Phillies
67.) Drew Stubbs *- Cleveland Indians
68.) Jon Jay - St. Louis Cardinals
69.) J.D. Martinez - Houston Astros
  • Martinez was selected as a breakout candidate last season(link) and he failed miserably. His .241 average was way below his minor league numbers and his power was non existent with just 14 doubles and 11 home runs in 395 ABs. I do believe in J.D. still so feel free to pick him up as a sleeper in the last rounds of your draft! - @WeTlkFntsySprts
70.) Starling Marte - Pittsburgh Pirates
71.) Juan Pierre - Miami Marlins
72.) Lucas Duda - New York Mets
73.) Michael Saunders - Seattle Mariners
74.) Lorenzo Cain - Kansas City Royals
75.) Will Venable - San Diego Padres
76.) Ben Revere **- Philadelphia Phillies
77.) Adam Lind - Toronto Blue Jays
  • Advanced Fantasy Baseball likes Adam Lind. Read the full analysis here
    • The key to Lind’s productivity is health. If he can stay off the disabled list and do the necessary stretching and exercise to both stay in shape and prevent his back from tightening it could help him put up numbers more in line with his potential. There is some hope that the big changes to the Blue Jays roster this offseason will serve as motivation. - @BigJonWilliams
78.) Adam Eaton **- Arizona Diamondbacks
79.) Andy Dirks - Detroit Tigers
80.) Luke Scott - Tampa Bay Rays
81.) Domonic Brown - Philadelphia Phillies
82.) Seth Smith - Oakland Athletics
83.) Justin Maxwell - Houston Astros
84.) Jonny Gomes *- Boston Red Sox
85.) Aaron Hicks - Minnesota Twins
86.) Gregor Blanco - San Francisco Giants
87.) Justin Ruggiano - Miami Marlins
88.) Kirk Nieuwenhuis - New York Mets
89.) Tyler Colvin - Colorado Rockies
90.) Jeff Francoeur - Kansas City Royals
91.) Leonys Martin **- Texas Rangers
92.) Franklin Gutierrez - Seattle Mariners
93.) Chris Parmelee - Minnesota Twins
94.) Nate McLouth - Baltimore Orioles
95.) Chris McGuiness *- Cleveland Indians
96.) Vernon Wells - Los Angeles Angels
97.) Mike Baxter - New York Mets
98.) Travis Snider - Pittsburgh Pirates
99.) Jesus Guzman - San Diego Padres
100.) Craig Gentry - Texas Rangers

Stats from last season:
  • Josh Hamilton, Curtis Granderson and Ryan Braun were the only guys to hit 40+ homers
  • 7 outfielders drove in over 100 runs
    • 10 others had between 90-99 RBI
      • 17 others had at least 75 RBI
  • Alex Gordon (51) was the only outfielder to hit more than 45 doubles
  • 8 outfielders scored at least 100 runs
    • Mike Trout (129) was the only guy with more than 108
      • 8 others scored between 90-99 runs
        • 24 others scored at least 75 times 
  • 57 outfielders struck out 100+ times
    • 12 struck out at least 150 times
  • 8 outfielders walked at least 70 times
    • 10 others walked between 60-69 times
  • Mike Trout, Rajai Davis, Michael Bourn and Ben Revere were the only outfielders to swipe 40+ bags
    • 12 others stole at least 30 bases
      • 15 other outfielders stole between 20-29 bases
  • Angel Pagan led all outfielders with 15 triples
    • 5 others did it at least 10 times
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