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Fantasy Baseball Second Basemen Rankings

When drafting a second basemen this season, if it's not Robinson Cano it's not worth a pick in the first 5 rounds.  It's hard to imagine Aaron Hill being the #2 second basemen again and Ben Zobrist is now an outfielder, who I am pretty sure will lose 2B eligibility with Kelly Johnson on board.  Everyone else is just too risky, including Brandon Phillips & Ian Kinsler.  After Dustin Pedroia, there will not be too much range in terms of value so the #15 2B won't be to far behind the #6 or #7 2B.  Study and pick 3 guys you really like, and wait until you are forced to pick one up!

Same Face, New Place - Infielders
Who Would You Rather Have? Aaron Hill or Dan Uggla?

* - New Team
** - Sleeper

1.) Robinson Cano - New York Yankees

  • The final week of the 2012 season, Robinson Cano was as hot of a hitter as a hitter can be. The final 9 games of the year, Cano hit .615 (24-39) with 11 runs scored, 14 RBI, 7 doubles, and 3 home runs. Once the playoffs started Cano became a different hitter, only hitting .075 (3-40), scoring 1 run and driving in 4. I think it's safe to say the Cano we saw in the postseason is not the Cano you should expect for 2013. He will have Ichiro Suzuki and Derek Jeter hitting in front of him so he should get plenty of RBI chances and with Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson and Kevin Youkilis behind him he will score runs. Having the privilege of playing at Yankee Stadium 81 times, I think Cano hitting .310, 30-35 home runs, 100 runs scored and 110-120 RBI is very reasonable, and if you take a look at the rest of this list you will notice that 2B is once again a WEAK position in the MLB. Draft Cano early otherwise you might be stuck with a dud at the position.- @Mike_WeTalkFS
2.) Brandon Phillips - Cincinnati Reds
3.) Ian Kinsler - Texas Rangers
4.) Dustin Pedroia - Boston Red Sox
5.) Jason Kipnis - Cleveland Indians

6.) Rickie Weeks - Milwaukee Brewers

  • Last season when the Brewers lost Prince Fielder to the Detroit Tigers in the off-season, I thought Weeks would take a fantasy hit as I figured his runs would see a significant drop off, but Weeks had a pretty bad overall season hitting a career low .230. A good sign however was that still hit 21 home runs, walked 74 times and scored 85 runs. As for 2013, expect Weeks to get back up to around .265, 90 runs scored, 25 home runs, 30 doubles and steal 15 bases. It always helps hitting in front of Ryan Braun who pitchers fear. So Weeks should always see pitches to hit and Braun will be a threat to drive in Weeks anytime he's on base as Braun will have close to 80 extra base hits. - @Mike_WeTalkFS
7.) Dustin Ackley - Seattle Mariners
8.) Aaron Hill - Arizona Diamondbacks
9.) Dan Uggla - Atlanta Braves
10.) Chase Utley - Philadelphia Phillies
  • Check out Baseball Professor's full Player Profile on Chase Utley
    • The new, older Utley (confused yet?) has become a different, more patient hitter. His three best K:BB ratios have come in the last three years, and twice he’s had a perfect 1:1 ratio. In fact, Utley’s 0.95 K:BB ratio since the start of 2010 ranks 10th among the 351 batters to tally at least 600 total plate appearances over that span. - @BaseballProf
11.) Danny Espinosa - Washington Nationals
12.) Neil Walker - Pittsburgh Pirates
13.) Josh Rutledge ** - Colorado Rockies
  • We fell in love with Rutledge last season when he filled in at short for Troy Tulowitzki.  Last August, we wanted you to  get to know him so we dedicated an entire post to him which included this little blurb:
So what about next season when Troy Tulowitzki returns?  Well Marco Scutaro was traded to the Giants and Rutledge will be the starting 2B next season for the Colorado Rockies and could provide fantasy owners with Dustin Pedroia / Ian Kinsler type numbers, and will be drafted in MUCH later rounds.  When comparing Rutledge to 2B over the past 30 days, NOT ONE 2B eligible player has more points that Rutledge!   - @WeTlkFntsySprts
14.) Darwin Barney - Chicago Cubs
15.) Howie Kendrick - Los Angeles Angels
16.) Jose Altuve ** - Houston Astros
  • I love Altuve as a value pick this year. Nobody’s paying attention to the Astros so he isn’t high on draft boards, but his 33 steals led all second basemen last season. And he’s not some Jemile Weeks speed-only player; he hit .290 and scored 80 runs, despite his team’s best efforts not to let him score. At the very least, you get a big boost in SB and a good batting average, and who knows--he’s young and maturing, so he may reach a new level this season.  - @RDevinHughes
17.) Daniel Murphy New York Mets

  • If I get this far down the list in my draft, I like Murphy because he doesn’t really *hurt* me. He’s surrounded by guys with red flags such as injury-prone, terrible batting average or uncertain role. Murphy hit a solid .291 last season and did just a little of everything, with 60+ runs and RBI, and 10 steals. He’s not going to wow you, but this late in the draft, I shouldn’t be drafting the guys that will carry my team--I should be drafting guys that will help round it out. - @RDevinHughes
18.) Kelly Johnson - Tampa Bay Rays
  • If Kelly Johnson can swing a hot bat, that means prospect Wil Myers (acquired from Royals for James Shields) will have to wait a LONG (relative to fantasy) time to come up to the Bigs.  However, with the DH in the American League, the Rays have the advantage of moving Zobrist/Johnson/Myers to the DH position allowing Myers some playing time.  This of course would be done if Luke Scott continues to hit .220, regardless of how many HRs he is hitting.  I would expect the Rays to have a short leash with Johnson once they feel comfortable calling up Myers. - @WeTlkFntsySprts
19.) Jemile Weeks - Oakland Athletics
20.) Marco Scutaro - San Francisco Giants
21.) Brian Roberts - Baltimore Orioles
  • Can't trust a guy who gets hurt as awkwardly and often as he does.  When he is 100% healthy he is a top 15 2B but the injuries make him to much of a risk to rely on as a starter. - @WeTlkFntsySprts
  • Even if Roberts can stay healthy in 2013, who knows what he can provide offensively as he is now 35 and has not played 60 games in any season since 2009. - @Mike_WeTalkFS 
22.) Emilio Bonifacio *- Toronto Blue Jays

  • I just want to mention him because he tends to qualify at just about every position in the game, and can really go HAM and in the steals category when healthy. Last year, he had 30 steals despite just playing 64 games. If he can find a consistent role in Toronto, he is really fun to own, because his positional flexibility allows you to move him around your lineup to accommodate injuries/poor performance/tough matchups. - @RDevinHughes
23.) Logan Forsythe - San Diego Padres
24.) Daniel Descalso - St. Louis Cardinals
25.) Gordon Beckham - Chicago White Sox
  • I'm not sure there has ever been a more disappointing fantasy player than Gordon Beckham. The hype surrounding him in his younger days was like that of Bryce Harper and yet he is now projected to hit 9th for the White Sox behind catcher Tyler Flowers. Since he got called up in 2009, last year was the 1st time he reached the 15 HR mark and although he did drive in 60 runs he has yet to best his rookie campaign of 63 RBI. His career .245 avg is what you can expect with the hopes he clears .250. You can also expect the 25 doubles and somewhere around 100 strike outs. If you are relying on Gordon Beckham at 2B on opening day, you failed during your draft. - @WeTlkFntsySprts
26.) Omar Infante - Detroit Tigers
27.) Donovan Solano - Miami Marlins
28.) Mark Ellis - Los Angeles Dodgers
29.) Jamey Carroll - Minnesota Twins
30.) Chris Getz - Kansas City Royals
31.) Jordany Valdespin - New York Mets
32.) Alexi Amarista - San Diego Padres
33.) Alexi Casilla - Baltimore Orioles
34.) Johnny Giavotella - Kansas City Royals

Don't forget these guys!
Maicer Izturis - He will battle Emilio Bonifacio for playing time in Toronto

Jurickson Profar - The Rangers wouldn't budge on Elvis Andrus during trade talks for Justin Upton so I doubt Profar gets a shot at short this season.  But Ian Kinsler could move to the OF/DH on occasion opening up a spot for young Jurickson!

Stats from last season:
  • Just 5 second basemen hit 20+ home runs
    • Robinson Cano (33) was the only one to reach 30
  • 13 second basemen hit 30+ doubles
    • Just Robinson Cano, Aaron Hill, Ian Kinsler and Daniel Murphy hit 40+
  • Robinson Cano lead all second basemen with 94 RBI
    • Aaron Hill (85) was the only other to drive in over 80 runs
      • 5 others drove in at least 70
  • 10 second basemen struck out at least 100 times
    • Danny Espinosa (189) had 20 more strike outs than Rickie Weeks and Dan Uggla
      • Kelly Johnson (159) was the only other second basemen with 125+ strike outs
  • Robinson Cano and Ian Kinsler were the only second basemen to score 100 runs
    • Aaron Hill only one in the 90s
      • 10 others scored at least 80 times
  • Jose Altuve, Jason Kipnis and Emilio Bonifacio were the only second basemen to swipe 30+ bags
    • 4 others stole 20+ bases

Of second basmen with 300+ ABs:
  • Just 4 second basemen hit .300 or better including Jef Keppinger, & Marco Scutaro
    • Just 6 others hit at least .275
  • Just 5 second basemen had an OBP of .350 or better
    •  11 others were .330 or better
  • Robinson Cano and Aaron Hill were the only second basemen with .500 SLG or better
    • 14 others were above .400
      • Ben Zobrist was the only other second basemen to SLG better than .450
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