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Fantasy Basketball Breakout Seasons - All-Star Break Update


Last year, PG Jeremy Lin, SG Paul George, SF Gordon Hayward, PFs Ersan Ilyasova and Ryan Anderson and C Nikola Pekovic had break out seasons and earned respect in the Fantasy Basketball world.  This year, we thing the following guys are going to take home the crown for the respective positions.

George Hill PG Indiana Pacers
  • My man, George, is having one heck of a season.  14.7 points 5 assist and 4 rebounds is nothing to be ashamed of, but he is being overshadowed by Greivis Vasquez' amazing 1st half.  Let's not forget that Hill will be getting Danny Granger back as soon as the second half starts and that will do two things: 1.) Open up that lane for Hill to drive to the hoop as Granger's defender can not help 2.) Because if Granger's man comes over with the help defense, Hill can dish it out to Granger who will knock down open jumpers with the best of them.  Also, Roy Hibbert is shooting 41%.  He is 7'2 and is shooting 41%.  What a joke! Hill should easily pick up 2 or 3 more assists per game with Granger back and Hibbert knocking down easy looks.  Expect good things from George Hill during the Indiana Pacers second half.
    • Preseason Notes: Darren Collison is now a Maverick and when Hill started last year (9 regular season games) he averaged 13.9 points and 5.3 assists in 32 minutes compared to 10 points and 2.6 assists in 23 minutes as a sub.  On top of now being the starter, Hill proved he is an above average 3 point shooter who is NOT afraid to shoot the ball from beyond the arc.

Evan Turner SG Philadelphia 76ers
  • Evan Turner has become a more aggressive offensive player this season, which has lead to a 4 point boost per game from 9.4 points to 13.8 points.  He doesn't attempt many 3s but is knocking them down at 38%.  Where fantasy owners should be most happy is the assist column.  We all knew that Turner was one of the leagues best rebounding guards, but his 4.4 assists per game is nearly double last seasons tally and has been a nice surprise.  Who knows what will happen when/if Andrew Bynum actually puts on a 76ers uniform, but the attention he will draw should help all of the Sixers wing players.
    • Preseason Notes: Now entering his 3rd season, Evan Turner has not produced like a #2 overall pick.  However, he did get to start 20 games last year and in 33 minutes scored 12.7 points and grabbed 6.7 rebounds to go along with 3 assists and a steal.  He will most likely start the season coming off the bench behind Jason Richardson, but if he can get 28-32 minutes per game, he will put up nice numbers and be a nice fantasy option to help round out many categories.

Michael Beasley SF Phoenix Suns
  • Is this guy for real?! Just two double-doubles all season.  What will it take for this guy to man up and start playing NBA basketball? Suns fans please comment and explain to all of us what the hell is going on!
    • Preseason Notes: An uber talent coming out of Kansas State, the Miami Heats ploy for LeBron James derailed Beasley's career landing him in a terrible situation playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  Now playing for a franchise that has turned around the careers of guys like Steve Nash, Shawn Marion and Grant Hill, Beasley should be able to be a leader on the court and dominate the game the way he used to in college.  When given the opportunity to start, Beasley is a career 16/6 guy.  He should put up AT LEAST those numbers this season.

Jonas Jerebko PF Detroit Pistons
  • Can I take this one back?  It still pisses me off that Jason Maxiell gets playing time over him though. 
    • Preseason Notes: The Swede started just 13 games last season, but out of shape Jason Maxiell is likely to start the season on the bench.  As a starter last year he put up 9 points and 6 boards, nothing to call home about but he did shoot 47% which is pretty good for a PF who lives off the jump shot.  If he can ever learn to play in the post a bit more and draw more fouls, he could easily put up 12-14 points per game.  Jonas was 6th on the team in Field Goal Attempts per game, if he can move up to 3rd or 4th on the team, he will put up nice numbers.
Robin Lopez C New Orleans Hornets
  • Finally back to business here!  Robin Lopez has been a great addition to the young New Orleans Hornets (Pelicans).  He is shooting 56% from the field and a career best 75% from the charity stripe.  His rebounding is still a little disappointing for a 7 footer and 5.5 rebounds per game is actually the worst amongst starting centers.  That being said, you didn't draft Lopez for his rebounding ability so believe it or not you are actually getting more than you bargained for out of that category!  Don't look now but the Hornets are over .500 since Eric Gordon returned!
    • Preseason Notes: Whenever you combine athleticism and energy with a 7 foot tall guy, you know you have something special.  Lopez was in the doghouse in Phoenix and never got a chance.  With a fresh start in New Orleans on a young, up and coming team, Lopez should be able to shine and finally get a chance to play.  Even in 94 career starts, he only averaged 19 minutes per game.  If he can get 26-30 minutes per contest, there is no reason why he can not be a 12/8 guy in this league, especially with Greivis Vasquez and Eric Gordon in the backcourt.  His defensive skills are solid as well and along with Anthony Davis could rack up the blocked shots.  His Blocks per 48 ranks him right there with Andrew Bynum, Andrew Bogut and Roy HIbbert.