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Quick Site Update

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Tonight I made my first ever appearance on a podcast, thanks to Route 4 Sports.  I had always been hesitant to join one or even start my own because I hate hearing myself on a recording.  I don't even like using my voice on the answering machine / voicemail message, but I sure am glad that I was apart of the show tonight.  It has relieved me of my fear and I should now have an easier time joining other podcasts and further expanding the We Talk Fantasy Sports brand, by growing our audience. Who knows, maybe I will be able to start my own show with my brother @Mike_WeTalkFSwhich might be the most entertaining thing ever!  If you though that Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless "Embrace Debate" on First Take, than you have never heard two brothers "debate" sports.  Maybe we will even record some Google Hangouts (which I have yet to even try) with the sites contributors and other fantasy friends we have met through twitter.

When this blog first started, I just wanted to keep it simple and not fill it with pictures and videos. The intent was to provide quality fantasy sports information to people in a quick and easy read while allowing people to do their research while at work.  By filling it with pics and vids, page loads slow down and I fear it might prevent some people from returning, as they fear being caught doing anything other than work.  Yes,I know that is probably just my own fear as Bleacher Report is nothing put pictures but nonetheless.  I have slowly started to add some advertising to the page, as well as joined the Yardbarker Network and am sharing our posts with Baseball Reference, Basketball Reference and Football Reference.  Using these recent network connections has increased traffic tremendously and has made me want even more, hence me over coming my Podcast fear. 

One area of growth I would love to see is on Facebook.  I personally use the links on my Facebook feed all the time, which would lead me to believe if we increased our Likes, we would increase our traffic.  If you have not yet liked us on Facebook, please take the time to do so now.

Be sure to check back frequently during the month of February as we will have some great Fantasy Baseball stuff going on.  You do NOT want to enter your leagues draft without doing your homework!

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