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Aaron Hill vs Dan Uggla - Who Would You Rather Have?

Second base lost one of its best this offseason when the Tampa Bay Rays signed Kelly Johnson, shifting Ben Zobrist to the outfield.  The top of the rest of the best are injury prone and while their upside is high, I just find them to risky to draft in the early rounds.  Keith ranked Aaron Hill just a single slot higher than Dan Uggla, but Average Draft Position is showing them being drafted MUCH further apart.

If we were drafting based solely off of the 2012 MLB season than Aaron Hill is your pick here and it's a no brainer.  Hill hit a career best .302, with 44 doubles, 6 triples, 26 home runs, 85 RBI and scored 93 runs. Uggla had his worst season at the age of 32, hitting a career low .220, with 29 doubles, 0 triples, career low 19 home runs, 94 RBI and scoring 86 runs. Also if you're in a league where strike outs hurt you then Hill has a huge advantage their as well as he struck out 86 times compared to Uggla's 168.

Players are known to have an off season and bounce back the following year. That's why we have to look past just last season. One thing I like to focus on is whether or not a player is injury prone. Dan Uggla is as consistent of a player as their is in the MLB as he's averaged 155 games played in his 7-year career, only playing under 154 games once.  Aaron Hill on the other hand has had some trouble staying healthy, only averaging 133 games played in his 8-year career. Half of his career he's played less than 140 games. So you have to remember their is always that risk that Hill goes down with injury.

If you're looking for average, Aaron Hill has a slight advantage. He's a .272 career hitter but he hit .225 in 2011 and .205 in 2010. 2012 was the first year he ever hit .300 and in the final 33 games of the 2011 season after being traded to Arizona from Toronto, he hit .315. So it's quite possible that all he needed was a change of scenery to get going.

Average Draft Position
  • Aaron Hill
    • Mock Draft Central - 74.85
    • MDC Experts - 63.3
    • Yahoo - 72.7
  • Dan Uggla
    • Mock Draft Central - 212.88
    • MDC Experts - 138.8
    • Yahoo - 134

    vs. Left4245594240155548162920.2220.3010.3840.685
    vs. Right123316932669945159801818128120.2640.3160.4440.760
    Pre All-Star88499215466271067081301930.2430.3030.4000.703
    Post All-Star77312520547333108581111318110.2650.3230.4620.785

    vs. Left466781112402365832134230.2380.3540.4380.792
    vs. Right12461963135816520015117339740.2510.3380.4560.794
    Pre All-Star957152220451431311308266340.2300.3250.4140.739
    Post All-Star7551222043704513410411207630.2700.3650.4980.863
So who would you rather have?  Let us know who you voted for in the comment section!

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