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Fantasy Baseball - Daily Joust Opening Day Freeroll

With a budget of $1.2 mil, construct a roster that will earn the most fantasy points!  There are 12 games on Monday so that give you 24 teams to choose players from.  First pitch is 1:00pm EST in the Bronx, when the New York Yankees host their division rivals, the Boston Red Sox.  Don't be left out, create your team today!

If you make a cash deposit on Daily Joust before April 1, 2013 you qualify for $250 freeroll! Top 25 places paid. Winner also gets a King Arthur badge!

Scoring Breakdown:

Scoring for hitting (C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, LF, CF, RF)

    Total Bases (TB) = 1 pt for each base (Single = 1, Double = 2, Triple = 3, Home Run = 4)
    Hit (H) = 1 pts
    Run Scored (R) = 2 pts
    Run Batted In (RBI) = 2 pts
    Stolen Base (SB) = 2 pts
    Walk (BB) = 1 pt
    Hit By Pitch (HBP) = 1 pt
    Sacrifice (SAC) = 1 pt
    Strike Out (SO) = -1 pt
    Grounded Into Double Play (GIDP) = -1 pt

Scoring for pitching (SP or P)

    Inning Pitched (IP) = 1 pt for every 1/3 Inning Pitched (e.g. per out)
    Strike Out (SO) = 1 pt
    Earned Runs (ER) = -2 pts
    Hit (H) = -1 pt
    Walk (BB) = -1 pt
    Hit Batsman (HBP) = -1 pt
    Win (W) = 7 pts

Pitchers do not receive points for hitting, and hitters do not receive points for pitching.

In the case of MLB double headers, where a real-world team plays more than one game in a single day, batters will only be eligible to receive points for their performance in the FIRST game of the double header. Starting pitchers (SP) will be eligible to receive points in the first, if any, game they actually make a start.