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First Ever Auction Draft

Yesterday afternoon, I registered for an Auction League Mock Draft on ESPN.  This was my first experience with this style of drafting and I was lost to say the least.  I know this sounds stupid, but I had no idea it was an actual "auction."  I didn't understand how there was a draft order and that players had to be nominated for bidding, or using the budget wisely.  But I did end up with Mike Trout, Robinson Cano, Jose Reyes, Carlos Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg and David Price!

So here is my roster ($):
C Ryan Doumit (1)
1B Adam Dunn (1)
2B Robinson Cano (41)
3B Alex Rodriguez (1)
SS Jose Reyes (26)
2B/SS Jurickson Profar (1)
1B/3B Chris Carter (1)
OF Mike Trout (45)
OF Carlos Gonzalez (38)
OF Matt Joyce (1)
OF Emilio Bonifacio (1)
OF Starling Marte (1)
UTIL Jon Jay (1)
P Stephen Strasburg (27)
P David Price (27)
P Adam Wainwright (20)
P Matt Moore (15)
P Mike Minor (5)
P Josh Beckett (1)
P Marco Estrada (1)
P Bud Norris (1)
P Jose Veras (1)
BE Denard Span (1)
BE Michael Brantley (1)
BE Peter Bourjos (1)
Total: 260
Remaining: 0

This was a 12 team league, and I was the only human in the draft. 

I didn't bid on Miguel Cabrera as he went 1st, for $42 and I had NO CLUE as to how this whole thing worked.  Next thing I know Mike Trout is up for bid and I just kept clicking that Bid button until the ESPN voice said going once, going twice......SOLD!  It was my first ever winning bid.

Next came Cano and Gonzalez and then Jose Reyes was stuck at $25 so I decide to sneak in and take him at $26.  Feels like a steal to me.  But then pitching starting to be up for auction and Kershaw and Verlander sold for $33 each.  When Strasburg and Price stalled at $26, I pounced on both and got them each for $6 cheaper than the other guys. 

Also, I left the draft after David Price so you can figure out who I did not personally bid on.  Once I figured out there were 300 rounds I decided that this is going to take WAY too long.  However, I did add a bunch of players to the nomination box (same thing as queue in regular snake draft) and landed nearly all of them.  So I feel pretty good about this team.  Obviously Arod, Profar, Chris Carter were just auto-bid after I left and not nominated, because I would never ask for them in a 12 team league.  But guys like Bourjos, Brantley and Span were my choice because I saw their average $ at 2 or less so I figured they rarely get bid on and I can have them for a buck. 

I feel like you can kind of force people to bid on players that you don't want, which to me seems like a great strategy.  Is that wrong?  I feel like you can spend a ton of money on the players you want, like Trout, Cano, Strasburg and Price and then fill in with $1 players and still be very competitive.

Is there any type of etiquette in Auction Leagues?

Top Fiv $ at Each Postion Plus Five $1 Players I Like:
C Buster Posey 27
C Yadier Molina 18
C Joe Mauer 18
C Matt Wieters 16
C Carlos Santana 16
C Brian McCann 1
C Ryan Doumit 1
C Salvador Perez 1
C Jonathan Lucroy 1
C A.J. Pierzynski 1

1B Prince Fielder 35
1B Joey Votto 35
1B Albert Pujols 33
1B Edwin Encarnacion 25
1B Billy Butler 22

1B Adam Dunn 1
1B Lance Berkman 1
1B Garrett Jones 1
1B Yonder Alonso 1
1B Justin Morneau 1

2B Robinson Cano 41
2B Dustin Pedroia 25
2B Ian Kinsler 24
2B Brandon Phillips 22
2B Ben Zobrist 19

2B Daniel Murphy
2B Jedd Gyorko
2B Dustin Ackley
2B Omar Infante
2B Josh Rutledge

3B Miguel Cabrera 42
3B Adrian Beltre 30
3B Evan Longoria 27
3B David Wright 27
3B Hanley Ramirez 24

3B Michael Young 1
3B Jeff Keppinger 1
3B Mark Reynolds 1
3B Matt Dominguez 1
3B Trevor Plouffe 1

SS Troy Tulowitzki 34
SS Jose Reyes 26
SS Starlin Castro 23
SS Ian Desmond 17
SS Jimmy Rollins 17

SS Jhonny Peralta 1
SS Zack Cozart 1
SS Andrelton Simmons 1
(not enough SS drafted)

OF Mike Trout 45
OF Ryan Braun 43
OF Andrew McCutchen 40
OF Carlos Gonzalez 38
OF Matt Kemp 38

OF Dayan Viciedo 1
OF Lorenzo Cain 1
OF Matt Joyce 1
OF David Murphy 1
OF Nick Markakis 1

P Clayton Kershaw 33
P Justin Verlander 33
P Stephen Strasburg 27
P David Price 27
P Felix Hernandez 26

P Jason Vargas 1
P Wei-Yin Chen 1
P Clay Buchholz 1
P Jason Vargas 1
P Shelby Miller 1