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Fantasy Baseball Starting Pitchers Rankings

With big names leading this list, it can be hard to pass on them in the early rounds.  I think this is the season we should all let the rest of our leagues draft pitchers in the early rounds.  I have finally come to the understanding that a guy who plays 30 games out of 162 just can not win you your fantasy baseball league.  Take last season for instance, I had a guy who drafted Roy Hallady and Cliff Lee with his first two picks and you know where he finished? DEAD LAST!  Try not to get caught up in that rush of pitchers once someone starts the trend.  Instead, continue to pick guys that will give you value on a daily basis and fill in your pitching staff with solid consistent quality starts like Jonathon Niese, Jordan Zimmermann and Anibal Sanchez.  Pitching is so deep because of 5-man rotations and injuries are so frequent to top notch pitchers that the waiver wire always plays a huge role in a teams roster by the end of the season.  Because of that you need to maximize your players value and take advantage of the everyday players while filling in the pitching staff along the way.

The Cincinnati Reds are answering Aroldis Chapman prayers and moving him back to the bullpen and he is the Reds closer.  If you already drafted him, I apologize for the Reds stupidity.  They never should have attempted this stunt in the first place!

* - New Team
** - Sleeper

1.) Justin Verlander - Detroit Tigers
2.) Clayton Kershaw - Los Angeles Dodgers
3.) David Price - Tampa Bay Rays
4.) Stephen Strasburg - Washington Nationals
5.) Felix Hernandez - Seattle Mariners

6.) Matt Cain - San Francisco Giants
7.) Cole Hamels - Philadelphia Phillies
8.) Gio Gonzalez - Washington Nationals
9.) Jered Weaver - Los Angeles Angels
10.) CC Sabathia - New York Yankees
11.) Madison Bumgarner - San Francisco Giants
12.) Cliff Lee - Philadelphia Phillies
13.) Adam Wainwright - St. Louis Cardinals
14.) R.A. Dickey *- Toronto Blue Jays
15.) Chris Sale - Chicago White Sox
16.) Yu Darvish - Texas Rangers
17.) Johnny Cueto - Cincinnati Reds
18.) Mat Latos - Cincinnati Reds
19.) Roy Halladay - Philadelphia Phillies
20.) James Shields *- Kansas City Royals
21.) Max Scherzer - Detroit Tigers
22.) Yovani Gallardo - Milwaukee Brewers
23.) Zack Greinke *- Los Angeles Dodgers
24.) Ian Kennedy - Arizona Diamondbacks
25.) Brandon Morrow - Toronto Blue Jays
26.) Jordan Zimmermann - Washington Nationals
27.) Kris Medlen - Atlanta Braves
28.) Doug Fister - Detroit Tigers
29.) Hiroki Kuroda - New York Yankees
30.) Matt Harrison - Texas Rangers
31.) Dan Haren *- Washington Nationals
32.) Jake Peavy - Chicago White Sox
  • Jake Peavy got rocked after the all-star break leading to an 11-12 record, but he did manage to reach 200 innings for the first time since 2007.  I like to think it was fatigue that caused the second half collapse, but Peavy can be a valuable fantasy pitcher.  He struck out 194 batters and finished with a 3.37 ERA due to the strong start to the season.  I am banking on Peavy finally being healthy this season!  - @WeTlkFntsySprts
33.) Matt Moore - Tampa Bay Rays
34.) C.J. Wilson - Los Angeles Angels
35.) A.J. Burnett - Pittsburgh Pirates
36.) Tim Lincecum - San Francisco Giants
37.) Jonathon Niese - New York Mets
38.) Matt Garza - Chicago Cubs
39.) Jeremy Hellickson - Tampa Bay Rays
40.) Mike Minor - Atlanta Braves
41.) Jon Lester - Boston Red Sox
42.) Jarrod Parker - Oakland Athletics
43.) Matt Harvey - New York Mets
44.) Lance Lynn - St. Louis Cardinals
45.) Wade Miley - Arizona Diamondbacks
46.) Brett Anderson - Oakland Athletics
47.) Ryan Vogelsong - San Francisco Giants
48.) Jeff Samardzija - Chicago Cubs
49.) Josh Johnson *- Toronto Blue Jays
  • 2.93 ERA with the Dodgers last year. 3.38 last time he pitched a full season in the NL. Your leaguemates will just see his overall 2012 stats in the draft screen, which are not impressive, but I have a hunch getting away from Boston and being at the end of the rotation for a strong Dodgers team will make Beckett a great value relative to his draft position this year. - @RDevinHughes
50.) Trevor Cahill - Arizona Diamondbacks
51.) Derek Holland - Texas Rangers
52.) Homer Bailey - Cincinnati Reds
53.) Edwin Jackson *- Chicago Cubs
54.) Marco Estrada - Milwaukee Brewers
  • RotoAuthority has a nice write up about Estrada
    • That brings us to his best attribute: that ratio of strikeouts to walks. Lots of strikeouts is a great recipe for success. Very few walks is too. Combining them makes you very hard to beat. Estrada does it with an eye-opening 4.93 K/BB rate. Take a second look: 4.93. For pitches with 100 IP or more, only Cliff Lee, Colby Lewis, and Kris Medlen were better--and Estrada gets the most strikeouts of the bunch. Actually, of all nine pitchers with at least 100 IP and a K/BB of 4.00 or better, only Stephen Strasburg had a higher K/9. - @RotoAuthority
55.) Kyle Lohse - Milwaukee Brewers
  • His current free agency status could be a blessing in disguise, because your league may be wary of drafting him. Lohse is a good pitcher -- it’s draft compensation and dollars holding him back -- but he will eventually sign and contribute. If you’re drafting before he signs, pounce on the chance to grab him while his value is slightly depressed. Remember, he was ranked 35th overall last season, and we have him valued as a 50th-ranked starting pitcher. There’s value to be had here. - @RDevinHughes
56.) Tim Hudson - Atlanta Braves
57.) Anibal Sanchez - Detroit Tigers
58.) Jaime Garcia - St. Louis Cardinals
  • Advanced Fantasy Baseball has a nice write up on Jaime Garcia.
    • The fraying in his shoulder will keep a lot of owners away from Jaime Garcia. It will also drive his price way down, possibly into the lower single digits. That provides you with an opportunity to purchase a very talented pitcher on the cheap. Garcia has a great swinging strike rate with a solid K9 that should improve. He has good control and a nice groundball rate. He plays for a very good Cardinals team with a nice defense.  For what should be a very small investment you could win big. Garcia is already throwing and will face hitters today (Saturday, Feb. 16th).  - @BigJonWilliams
59.) Wandy Rodriguez - Pittsburgh Pirates
60.) Phil Hughes - New York Yankees
61.) Brandon McCarthy *- Arizona Diamondbacks
62.) Clay Buchholz - Boston Red Sox
63.) Josh Beckett - Los Angeles Dodgers
64.) Shaun Marcum *- New York Mets
65.) Tommy Milone - Oakland Athletics
66.) Jason Vargas **- Los Angeles Angels
67.) Jason Hammel - Baltimore Orioles
68.) Brandon Beachy - Atlanta Braves
69.) Wei-Yin Chen - Baltimore Orioles
70.) Tommy Hanson *- Los Angeles Angels
71.) Mike Fiers **- Milwaukee Brewers
72.) A.J. Griffin - Oakland Athletics
73.) Johan Santana - New York Mets
74.) Ryan Dempster *- Boston Red Sox
75.) James McDonald - Pittsburgh Pirates
76.) Paul Maholm - Atlanta Braves
77.) Mark Buehrle - Toronto Blue Jays
78.) Shelby Miller **- St. Louis Cardinals
79.) Vance Worley *- Minnesota Twins
80.) Justin Masterson - Cleveland Indians
81.) Dillon Gee - New York Mets
82.) Gavin Floyd - Chicago White Sox
83.) Trevor Bauer *- Cleveland Indians
84.) Ricky Nolasco - Miami Marlins
85.) Chad Billingsley - Los Angeles Dodgers
86.) Felix Doubront - Boston Red Sox
87.) Ivan Nova - New York Yankees
88.) Chris Capuano - Los Angeles Dodgers
89.) Bud Norris - Houston Astros
90.) Ross Detwiler - Washington Nationals
91.) Jacob Turner - Miami Marlins
92.) Edinson Volquez - San Diego Padres
93.) Joe Blanton *- Los Angeles Angels
94.) Bronson Arroyo - Cincinnati Reds
95.) Ricky Romero - Toronto Blue Jays
96.) Julio Teheran **- Atlanta Braves
97.) Joe Saunders - Seattle Mariners
98.) Rick Porcello - Detroit Tigers
99.) Dan Straily - Oakland Athletics

Don't forget these guys!
Michael Pineda - He could help your team make a huge second half push as he has begun his rehab from shoulder surgery!  Any pitcher for the New York Yankees always seems to get a boost in stats, not like Pineda really needs one!
Dylan Bundy - The #2 prospect in all of baseball, according to both & Baseball America, and the Baltimore Orioles are going to need all the pitching they can find this season!
Gerrit Cole - Drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates #1 overall in 2011, Cole is ready for the Pirates rotation as soon as the organization is ready to call him up!
Zach Wheeler - It's just a matter of time before the New York Mets realize they are out of playoff contention and give Wheeler a chance for starts late in the summer. He is one of the leagues top ranked righties.
Trevor Bauer - Not sure why the Arizona Diamondbacks gave up on a 22 year old with Ace potential, but the Cleveland Indians don't care.  They are the lucky ones and with the new upgraded offense, Bauer could really shine.

Stats from last season:
  • Gio Gonzalez was the only pitcher with 21 wins
  • Justin Verlander, Max Scherzer and R.A. Dickey were the only pitchers with 230+ strike outs
  • Clayton Kershaw and David Price were the only pitchers with ERA under 2.60
    • Justin Verlander and R.A. Dickey were the only others under 2.75
      • Just 9 other pitchers had ERA under 3.00
        • Only 10 other pitchers had ERA between 3.00-3.2
  • Justin Verlander lead with 6 complete games
    • R.A. Dickey and Felix Hernandez had 5 complete games
      • Matt Harrison and Jake Peavy were the only once with 4
        • 7 other pitchers had 3 complete games
  • Felix Hernandez lead with 5 shutouts
    • R.A. Dickey and Brandon Morrow each had 3 shutouts
      • 10 other pitchers had 2 shutouts
  • Justin Verlander, R.A. Dickey and Felix Hernandez were the only pitchers to throw at least 230 innings
    • James Shields and Clayton Kershaw were the only other to throw at least 220 innings
      • 26 other pitchers threw at least 200 innings
  • Ervin Santana, Phil Hughes and Jason Vargas were the only pitchers to allow 35+ home runs
    • 5 others gave up at least 30 homers
      • 25 other pitchers allowed between 25-30 home runs
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