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Same Face, New Place - Infield

Last year Jose Reyes, Ryan Doumit, Aramis Ramirez and other infielders signed with a new team and had solid seasons.  This year, there seems to be a larger list of players that are donning a new cap.  Most of these guys should continue to produce as usual, but be careful when drafting some of the older players on this list!

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A.J. Pierzynski  - Texas Rangers
  • Pierzynski did something he had never done in his career before last season; hit 20 home runs.  He hit 27!  Do NOT expect that to happen again which means his RBI totals should decline as well.  The guy is 36 years old and he will still provide you with a bunch of doubles and could still drive in 60 RBI for the Rangers.  Don't go reaching for him, but if you find yourself in need of a catcher and he is there, he is a pretty safe option.

Carlos Pena - Houston Astros
  • Unless you are in an AL-Only or Homerun Derby league, don't even bother with this guy on this team
Chris Johnson - Atlanta Braves
  • Johnson has switched jersey 3 times now since June 29 when the Astros sent him to the Diamondbacks.  Arizona then sent him to Atlanta along with Justin Upton.  It is unclear yet what the Braves plan on doing with 3B as they have Juan Francisco.  I wouldn't draft Chris Johnson, and even if I had to, it better not be as a starter!
Emilio Bonifacio - Toronto Blue Jays
  • Bonifacio might have benefited if he was NOT traded to Toronto in Miami's fire sale.  He would have had a position all to himself and the neccessarry ABs to take advantage of his speed.  Emilio is suited for a bench role in a league that values stolen bases. 
Jed Lowrie - Oakland Athletics
  • Lowrie was shipped from Houston to Oakland in exchange for Chris Carter and Brad Peacock.  He surprised us all last year with 16 home runs in 340 ABs.  His injury risk is too high at a position that isn't neccessarily THAT important to winning your league.  You don't want Lowrie as your startng shortstop.
Jeff Keppinger - Chicago White Sox
  • Keppinger is a guy that could be a nice rotation player in your lineup.  This is team number 7 for Jeff, but he is a career .288 hitter and had a career best .325 average for the Rays last season in 418 ABs.  Slated to bat 2nd in the White Sox lineup, Kepipnger could score a ton of run with Alex Rios, Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko hitting behind him.  He hit 34 doubles in his only "full" season with the Astros back in 2010.
John Buck - New York Mets
  • The Mets added Buck in the R.A. Dickey deal but it also brought Travis d'Arnaud as well.  Not that Buck was ever going to be an everyday fantasy catcher, but his value is limited to the first month or two of the season, before the Mets call up d'Arnaud.  If you need pop in a 2 catcher league than Buck isn't a bad option early on.
Jose Reyes - Toronto Blue Jays
  • Reyes still has 4 years left on a 6yr/$106mil deal he signed with the Marlins before last season.  Miami couldn't draw fans to the new stadium and had to dismantle the team they assembled just last winter.  Everyone love Jose, and the he should love the turf in Toronto.  Expect the usual from Jose Reyes and draft with confidence!
Kelly Johnson - Tampa Bay Rays
  • The first two things I thought about when Johnson signed with the Rays was 1.) Ben Zobrist is no longer a 2B and 2.) Wil Myers will now have a harder time making the big league club this season.  Johnson has power but will not help you in the average and strike out department.  He is a high risk draft choice with the depth of the Rays utility players on their bench.  Also, because of Myers, if the Rays want him on the team, they will no problem moving Zobrist back to 2B and making Johnson a role player. 
Kendrys Morales - Seattle Mariners
  • This is exactly what Morales needed.  Before the Angels traded him to Seattle, Morales was stuck behind Albert Pujols and Mark Trumbo.  Now Kendrys will get all the neccessary ABs and is a solid 1B option.  He hit 34 homers and 46 doubles the season before injuring himself while celebrating after a home run.  In just 484 ABs last season he managed to still hit 22 homers and 26 doubles.  
Kevin Youkilis - New York Yankees
  • No Alex Rodriguez or Mark Teixeira to start the season means plenty of RBI opportunities for Youk.  I love his 1st half potential enough to use him as an everyday UTIL player.  Batting behind Ichio, Jeter and Cano means someone will most likely be on base when Youk steps to the plate.
Lance Berkman - Texas Rangers
  • The balls fly out of the Ball Park in Arlington come summer time, so let someone else draft him, and then if he proves healthy, make a deal for him right around the All-Star break.  He had 3 different DL stints last season.
Mark Reynolds - Cleveland Indians
  • Reynolds is a dangerous fantay player because of the low average and high striekouts.  I love the potential of the new Indians lineup but I wouldn't want Reynolds playing for me everyday, more of a bench player in fantasy land. 
Martin Prado - Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Prado was the centerpiece of the Justin Upton deal with Atlanta.  The Diamondbacks lineup is not that much different from Atlanta's in terms of types of hitters so Prado's value should stay the same.  The one thing the DBacks do have that Atlanta didn't when Prado was there is a leadoff hitter, so his RBI total should increase. 
Michael Young - Philadelphia Phillies
  • The Phillies got Young for next to nothing, but Young hasn't played the field everyday for a long time.  Now in his mid 30s, it's not a great time to get back into that.  The Phillies are old and the rest of the infield is injury prone.  Take Young as a bench player and have him fill in for an injury or an rare off day.  He had just 169 hits last season, his lowest total since 2002!
Mike Napoli - Boston Red Sox
  • Napoli is a .306 career hitter at Fenway Park.  Now I don't expect a guy who hit .227 last year to hit .306 this year but the point is that he takes advantage of the fields odd dimensions.  One stat that will jump is the doubles as he hit just 9 last season after hitting at least 22 in 3 straight.  The Green Monster will be Napoli's friend and while others will let him slip by you should take him as a UTIL player, or if you decide to wait a while on Catchers as your starting catcher (not a terrible idea).
Russell Martin - Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Don't expect Martin to hit 20 home runs this season without Yankee stadium.  The Pirates grossly overpaid for Martin and he should be ignored in standard formats.
Stephen Drew - Boston Red Sox
  • Nothing much to see here.  Injury history is to long and I would rather see the Red Sox play Pedro Ciriaco.
Travis Hafner - New York Yankees
  • Huge sleeper here with Teixeira out for a while and no DH on the Yankees roster.  If he can stay healthy and get that power swing back, like every other aging veteran that joins this team, than we have a sleeper folks!  Probably unranked by most people, wait until the late runds of your draft to pick him.
Yunel Escobar - Tampa Bay Rays
  • Great pick up by the Rays trading a prospect to him after the Marlins got him from Toronto.  For fantasy owners, a backup shortstop who can hit 10 homers and hit 20 doubles is always nice.
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