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Kyrie Irving Season is Over

The Cleveland Cavaliers will finish another disappointing season without their superstar PG Kyrie Irving.  Irving left Sunday's game with a left shoulder AC sprain and will miss the next month.  With the Cavaliers schedule ending on April 17, Irving season is essentially over.

For fantasy owners, this is just heartbreaking news.  The playoffs are just around the corner, and now you have to try and replace 23 points, 5.7 assists and 3.7 rebounds each night, which by the way you most likely won't be able to do.  There is a sever shortage of point guards at the moment with Rajon Rondo done for the season, and Tony Parker and Ramon Sessions recently getting injured.  Here are some ways you can try and stop the bleeding:

Shaun Livingston - 2% Yahoo 0% ESPN 7% CBS
Avery Bradley - 45% Yahoo 12% ESPN 47% CBS
Nate Robinson - 34% Yahoo 23% ESPN 61% CBS
J.J. Barea - 11% Yahoo 6% ESPN 30% CBS
Mario Chalmers - Yahoo 44% ESPN 31% 30% CBS
Devin Harris - 21% Yahoo 6% ESPN 32% CBS

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