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Same Face, New Place - Outfield

So many valuable fantasy outfielders have traded in the old cap for a new one.  Some guys will have to live up to the pressure of a big contract, while others will be out to prove to their old team that they were worth more than they were traded for.  

Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings

*Sorted Alphabetically

B.J. Upton - Atlanta Braves
  • Big Brother Upton signed with Braves after 8 up and down seasons with the Rays.  He has become somewhat of a power hitter in the last few seasons, so it's in everyone's best interest to NOT hit him leadoff.  If the Braves move him down in the lineup his value increases. 

Ben Revere - Philadelphia Phillies
  • Revere is a singles hitter, but he might see an increase in his doubles and triples with the weird park dimensions in Philly.  Target Field was too large for Revere, but the smaller Citizens Bank Ballpark could play in Revere's favor.
Cody Ross - Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Not quite sure if anyone knows how the DBacks will use their 4 OFs but it seems Ross will get all the ABs needed to be valuable.  He should be good for 20 homers and 30 doubles.
Delmon Young - Philadelphia Phillies
  • Young is still recovering from an ankle injury and I wouldn't bother drafting him.  It does seem that he will get every opportunity to play though once he is healthy and proves focused.
Drew Stubbs - Cleveland Indians
  • When Stubbs was initially traded to the Indians, it seemed like a good move for his fantasy value.  Then the Indians signed Michael Bourn.  Stubbs should get regular playing time.  If he can get his on base up over .300 or better, he could steal 40 bases, and hit 20 home runs but I wouldn't waste a draft pick on him.  Too risky.
Jonny Gomes - Boston Red Sox
  • The last time Gomes had 500 ABs he hit 18 homers, 24 doubles and drove in 86 runs.  Much like Mike Napoli, he should be able to take advantage of the Green Monster.  I like Gomes as a late round draft pick as a backup player in deeper leagues.
Josh Hamilton - Los Angeles Angels
  • Hamilton needed a change of scenery, but now he has to live up to a big contract on a new team.  Hitting behind Albert Pujols and Mike Trout is a huge plus to his value.  He loses playing in Texas and the offensive advantages but that might force Hamilton to hit .300 again instead of trying to hit 40 homers.
Justin Upton - Atlanta Braves
  • I think this trade from Arizona will spark Upton into a career season.  Playing with his brother should keep him motivated.  He won't hit 30 home runs again, but he could definitely crack 90 RBI for the 1st time in his career.
Michael Bourn - Cleveland Indians
  • I love Bourn in this vastly updated Indians lineup.  Expect the usual from him 
Michael Morse - Seattle Mariners
  • The best thing that happened to Morse this offseason was being traded from Washington to Seattle.  He started his career here as a SS and now is the cleanup hitter for a young and powerful Mariners offense.  A 3rd outfielder at best, but Morse could provide much needed power late in the draft.
Nick Swisher - Cleveland Indians
  • A key part to the new Indians lineup, Swisher might play 1B and some OF this season, giving him multiple position eligibility.  He is better suited for OF in fantasy baseball but can provide 30 doubles, 25 homers, and 90 RBI.  That's pretty solid.
Shin-Shoo Choo - Cincinnati Reds
  • The Reds stole Choo from the Indians by giving up a SS prospect and Drew Stubbs.  Oh man, hitting leadoff for the Reds is a huge boost for Choo's value.  If he hits 40 doubles again, he is going to score 100 runs easy.
Torii Hunter - Detroit Tigers
  • Hitting in front of Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder is a great place for any player.  If he can keep that OBP above .350, he will score 100 runs easy.  I don't see him driving in 90 runs again though.  
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