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Pedro Alvarez vs Todd Frazier - Who Would You Rather Have?

Todd Frazier is one of the biggest sleepers of the 2013 Fantasy Baseball season.  Playing in a lineup that features Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and now Shin-Soo Choo, Frazier will have plenty of RBI opportunities.  Scott Rolen is no longer standing in the way of the 27 year old and the ABs will finally there for Frazier.  His career numbers have shown us what he can do with a full season and 30 doubles, 6 triples, 25 home runs and 82 RBI from a guy being drafted between 175-200 overall is unbelievable.  Frazier currently has 1B, 3B, and OF eligibility in Yahoo leagues.   I would be very comfortable with Frazier as my starting 3B.

Pedro Alvarez is no entering his 4th big league season.  As the #2 overall pick, he has not impressed.  Last year he did manage to hit 30 home runs but hit just .244 and struck out 180 times.  He does hit in the middle of the lineup, but the Pirates struggle to score runs and there isn't much protection for Alvarez.  I wouldn't mind having Alvarez as a backup player, but I am not sure I can live with him playing every day for my fantasy team.

Third base is deep this year and outside of Miguel Cabrera, really lacks any MUST HAVE players.  In Yahoo leagues if you are looking for power around the time Alvarez is being selected, take Adam Dunn instead!  When Todd Frazier is being selected, it's either him, Wade Miley or Michael Young.  I would pick Frazier with extreme confidence.

Average Draft Position
  • Pedro Alvarez
    • Mock Draft Central- 146.8
    • MDC Experts - 165.6
    • Yahoo - 159.2
  • Todd Frazier
    • Mock Draft Cenral - 206.2
    • MDC Experts - 177.3
    • Yahoo - 198.3

vs. Left2922461131941273123100.2090.2810.3530.634
vs. Right81510020142241127910256100.2470.3210.4540.775
Pre All-Star464571032602171472164100.2220.2940.4140.708
Post All-Star643671592932997711215100.2470.3230.4370.760

vs. Left14922461117268033210.3090.3420.5370.879
vs. Right3855095205185635597210.2470.3150.4650.780
Pre All-Star181225013592918153110.2760.3430.5520.895
Post All-Star3535091181165325477310.2580.3120.4500.762

Based on where they are being drafted, who would you rather have? Let us know who you voted for in the comment section!

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