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Top AAA Hitters

Let's talk about the catchers on this list.  Stephen Vogt has been destroying minor league pitching for years now but the Athletics have "MLB Ready" catchers on the roster.  If he ever gets traded to a team that needs a power hitting catcher that doesn't strike out, he could prove very valuable both in real baseball and fantasy baseball.  Wait, doesn't every team need this kind of catcher?

Chris Snyder is a veteran so no surprise here that he is dominating minor league pitching.  The other group (after jump) features Mike Zunino, super stud in the Mariners organization and could easily see the majors this season.

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and playing over your teams position player?  Let us know in the comment section!

Scott Van SlykeALBLAD1B2074233571825681018010.5170.9190.4731.436158
Alex LiddiTACSEA3B208319243152244928210.3590.5300.2890.889127
Stephen VogtSACOAKC15631730625175576000.5290.8730.4761.402120
Kila Ka'aihueRENARI1B2074142840421441217010.4560.5950.3781.050118
Andrew BrownLASNYMRF1974152692018391115000.4320.5270.3510.959116
Chris SnyderSLCLAAC197114276072154621010.4290.7610.3801.189116
Daniel RobertsonTUCSDCF207719286219411110810.4460.5320.3640.978114
Michael ChoiceSACOAKCF2076162140419371419010.4000.4870.2760.887113
Nolan ArenadoCOLCOL3B176214241103214459020.4140.7100.3871.124113
Charlie BlackmonCOLCOLRF165621213221234126420.4860.6070.3751.093112

Josh SatinLASNYM1B1969192570413441119000.4570.6380.3621.094111
Brad SnyderRENARIRF2070132170218341220620.3980.4860.3000.883110
Ernesto MejiaGWNATL1B217413214072146923000.3680.6220.2840.989109
Eric ThamesTACSEARF2184172841411461425110.4340.5480.3330.982109
Mike ZuninoTACSEAC155812144152635822000.3430.6030.2410.946109
Joey TerdoslavichGWNATLOF2289133012141556214210.3550.6290.3370.984108
Jeff KobernusSYRWAS2B197316303111238711830.4570.5210.4110.977107
Chris OwingsRENARISS219518334211044423510.3800.4630.3470.843107
Luis JimenezBUFTOR1B16591321304213698000.4410.6100.3561.051105
Alex CastellanosALBLADLF197317230141437614810.3750.5070.3150.882105

How are Fantasy Points calculated?
Singles - 1pt
Doubles - 2pts
Triples - 3pts
Homeruns - 2pts
RBI - 2pts
Runs Scored - 2pts
Walks - 1pt
Stolen Bases - 1pt

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