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Fantasy Baseball - Fantasy Feud Friday Night Freeroll

Is this your first time playing daily fantasy sports? The concept is simple. Fantasy Feud is providing fantasy sports enthusiasts with an alternative way to play in sports pools. Rather than simply playing in season long pools we are offering daily and weekly games where you can win cash prizes or accumulate points to purchase merchandise in our store.

Tonight Fantasy Feud is offering a $100 freeroll!  This is for all games AFTER 7pm!  Just register, do your homework, sign up for the game and draft your team while staying under the salary cap!  It's easy, free and you can win money!

Fantasy Feud Scoring System:

Single 1B 1
Double 2B 2
Triple 3B 3
Homerun HR 4
Run Batted In RBI 2
Run Scored R 1.5
Walk BB 0.5
Stolen Base SB 2
Hit By Pitch HBP 0.5
Strike Out SO -0.5
Grounded into Double-Play GIDP -0.5
Caught Stealing CS -1

Win W 3
Earned Run ER -0.75
Strike Out K 0.5
Innings Pitched IP 1
Walks WALK -0.25
Hits Against HA -0.25
Hit Batters HB -0.25
Loss L -1 
Save S 3
Blown Save BS -1