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Taking Advantage of Every At Bat

Fantasy Sports are so much fun because of the strategy that is involved.  Do you go for the power hitter to dominate the HR & RBI categories, do you take the singles hitter who can steal 50 bases?  Scoring systems are typically designed to create and level playing field, unless of course its a home run derby league or something like that.  Here at We Talk Fantasy Sports we use a simple scoring system in order to rank players.  Our hitting scoring system looks like this: 1B-1pt 2B-2pts 3B-3pts HR-2pts RBI-2pts R-2pts BB-1pt SB-1pt

This season hitters of all different types are making the most of each at bat.  There are just 11 hitters with at least 40 ABs who are averaging 1.5 pts per AB.  These guys include superstars Ryan Braun, Prince Fielder & David Wright, power hitters Chris Davis, Mark Reynolds, & Travis Hafner, and even speedster Coco Crisp.

NameTeamG AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SB AVG OBP SLG OPS Fantasy PointsPer AB
Chris DavisBAL20681326707221000.3820.4630.7941.2581201.76
David WrightNYM18641320332151650.3130.4500.5470.9971081.69
Ryan BraunMIL16581016306201110.2760.3910.6381.029971.67
Coco CrispOAK18722023815111370.3190.4240.6671.0901201.67
Mark ReynoldsCLE1760121740718910.2830.3710.7001.071981.63
Justin UptonATL207518235011161130.3070.3910.8131.2041211.61
Carlos GonzálezCOL18701924614121040.3430.4200.6291.0481121.60
Travis HafnerNYY1647111530510810.3190.4290.7021.131741.57
Prince FielderDET18691023605211200.3330.4290.6381.0661081.57
John BuckNYM1865121820722300.2770.3000.6310.931981.51
Lucas DudaNYM1748111220581500.2500.4460.6041.050721.50

The craziest part is that the New York Mets have 3 of these 11 hitters, and no other team even has 2!  Lucas Duda is hitting just .250, the only guy on this list under .275 but his 15 walks, 7 XBH and 11 runs scored are keeping him relevant.

Then you look at Justin Upton and say wow 23 hits and 11 home runs, he must be the best fantasy player this season, but yet there are 5 players who are doing more with each AB.

There were no eligible 2B or SS, once again proving that you should not have wasted early fantasy draft picks on these positions!

We will update this list once a month!