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Zack Greinke - Broken Collarbone - Out Indefinitely

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres bench clearing brawl lead to Zack Greinke breaking his collarbone.  Greinke hit Carlos Quentin with a pitch up in the shoulder/head area and Quentin didn't like it.  Zack met Carlos half way and tried to tackle the 6'2 235 Padres outfielder.  With Greinke being just a shade over 40 pounds lighter, Quentin and physics won this grapple.  It is unknown how long Greinke will be out but you can imagine about 2 months, so sometime in June, maybe even early July.  Obviously a bunch of you were counting on Greinke to carry your pitching staff as were the Dodgers, so here are some options for you:

Jose Fernandez (82% CBS 50% ESPN 56% Yahoo)
A.J. Griffin (76% CBS 11% ESPN 39% Yahoo)
Barry Zito (70% CBS 62% ESPN 50% Yahoo)
Ervin Santana (56% CBS 13% ESPN 17% Yahoo)
Jhoulys Chacin (46% CBS 24% ESPN 21% Yahoo)
Jeremy Guthrie (42% CBS 26% ESPN 18% Yahoo)
Jake Westbrook (26% CBS 6% ESPN 7% Yahoo)

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Theses two teams start a new series Monady night!

Also, Matt Kemp and Carlos Quentin has to be separated AFTER the game according to USA Today.