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Fantasy Baseball - Melancholy Aprils

What could go wrong for the Toronto Blue Jays, has gone wrong.  7 games under .500, the Jays started the season without Brett Lawrie, got horrific pitching, lost Jose Bautista for a bit and Jose Reyes until the All-Star break and are currently 8.5 games out of first place, sitting in the cellar of the American League East.  Toronto is not the only team to want a do over.  The Los Angeles Angels are just 9-17 and lost Jered Weaver for a month after a freak fracture of his elbow.  Everyone knew that even with Weaver, the Angels pitching staff needed help, but their 4.91 team ERA is second worst to the Houston Astros in all of baseball.  Nothing to be proud of.  Both of these teams have plenty of time to recover and most likely will make playoff pushes.  There are plenty of fantasy player on all of our teams that got off to poor starts too and we are here to help you figure out which guys are just in a slump and which guys you can dump!

Even at a position as scarce as the catcher, Jesus Montero and Alex Avila are not worth owning at the moment.  Montero is by far the better hitter and is more likely to pick it up.  His 9 hits in his last 10 games are a good sign, including his first two home runs of the season.  Not the worst idea to keep tabs there.

As far as catchers who are actually on people rosters, Victor Martinez and Miguel Montero are really hurting owners.  Martinez is hitting .221 while Montero is hitting just .200!  Clearly both guys are better than this, so if you have the opportunity to steal them from their owner, DO IT!

At this point, Ike Davis is becoming a poor mans Adam Dunn.  Davis will hit 30 home runs but his strikeouts are going to pile up and his average is going to suffer. 

Is Paul Konerko finally showing his age?  The 37 year old is hitting just .233 and while it will get a little better, I'm not sure how much better.

Can guys batting ~.240 be considered solid fantasy players?  Edwin Encarnacion and Anthony Rizzo are both in the top 10 for first basemen and hitting .238 and .240 respectively.  It's hard to admit but I would absolutley want both guys, because of the home run potential.  But no, I do not want Ike Davis.

Rickie Weeks is hitting under .200 with 34 strike outs, yet will always be owned due to lack of talent.  If you own him, don't be afraid to move him.  20 home runs sounds nice from the 2B position but there are other options, especially in guys with position flexibility, or young guns like Josh Rutledge and Jedd Gyorko.

Dustin Ackley has been a big disappointment as well with just a single RBI this season.  In the past 10 games he has raised his average from .153 to .253 which is a great sign.  Hold onto him if you drafted him!

So, Mike Moustakas is never going to the guy we want him to be is he?  He is hitting under .200 and while he might not be striking out he is not getting on base, and that is the name of the game.  He does have his only home run and 4 of his 5 RBI in the Royals last 5 games though.

I know its only 16 games but Stephen Drew is terrible and took away playing time from Jose Iglesias who earned it.  Zack Cozart's 4 home runs are the only reason he is even an option because that .208 average stinks up the joint.

Ben Revere has been terrible for the Philadelphia Phillies hitting just .200.  He will get better and the Phillies offense has tons of potential so I wouldn't mind buying low on Revere, much like the Phillies did by sending Vance Worley to the Twins.

Alfonso Soriano is actually hitting for a decent .263 average, but hit just 1 home run and drove in just 2 runs for the Cubbies.  He has also cut down on his strike outs, and this seems like a great time to get a guys with 25 home run power on the cheap.

Melky Cabrera is hitting just .241 but I have high hopes for him this season.  Go get him.  Giancarlo Stanton on the other hand got hurt again and will miss time but when he returns you should look to flip him.  The Marlins stink, he has been hurt twice already and he will be disinterested come the second half.

Josh Hamilton and Josh Reddick are struggling and its pretty clear who you want and who you don't.  Hamilton is barely above the Mendoza line while Reddick is hitting .139.  Hard to imagine that on the leagues top offense, Reddick is struggling.  Go steal Josh Hamilton!

B.J. Upton has been a disaster for the Braves and you want to stay as far away from him as possible!

Matt Cain has been awful with a 6.49 ERA and a .254 BAA but even now it is still hard to pry him from owners.  Try hard, but don't give up too much!  Same can be said for Roy Halladay.  Also if you own these guys, you might as well listen to all offers.

You can add David Price to the list of struggling Aces.  Opponents are hitting .289 off the lefty whose ERA sits at 5.21. 

Cole Hamels, Ian Kennedy, R.A. Dickey, Yovani Gallardo, Gio Gonzalez, Stephen Strasburg, the list goes on and on.  This is why we told you to wait for your pitchers during the draft!

It is extremely difficult to trade for these guys but you can use them to your advantage by adding them in a deal to get back a big time bat, who plays everyday!

Any other poor starts that you want to discuss?