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Top AAA Starting Pitchers

If the Baltimore Orioles can get Jair Jurrjens to pitch like he did for the Atlanta Braves from 2008-2011 they will have a serious shot at winning the American League East.  His numbers in the minors are a very positive sign! 

Do the Los Angeles Angels have any other choice than to call up either Billy Buckner and/or Matt Shoemaker?  I know its the bats fault that they are not winning games, but Joe Blanton is 0-6 and just having a terrible season. 

Anyone from your favorite MLB team on this list?  Do you want them called up and pitching for your ballclub?  Let us know in the comment section!

Jair JurrjensNORBAL412.6270044.2371413115291.16178.5
Andrew CarrawayTACSEA413.4070042.1441816411311.30172.3
P.J. WaltersROCMIN323.7071141.1441717111361.33167.8
Ross OhlendorfSYRWAS344.5772043.1352322218301.22165.8
Jose AlvarezTOLDET221.50710423111729410.95164.0
Greg ReynoldsLOUCIN302.9860042.138141427291.06162.3
Billy BucknerSLCLAA324.8170039.1402321321361.55160.8
John GastMEMSTL311.1670038.22865013351.06160.5
Jarred CosartOKCHOU402.18600332598114391.18160.5
Brad MillsRRTEX402.7960038.231151225270.93160.5

Matt ShoemakerSLCLAA254.2770046.152232267311.27160.3
Drew PomeranzCOLCOL403.5160033.1291313312401.23159.8
Josh LindblomRRTEX401.9660036.22188310310.85158.5
J.D. MartinDURTB413.697003946191674281.28158.5
Terry DoylePAWBOS322.5670038.2291211120331.27157.5
Andy OliverINDPIT212.8270038.1251212223441.25157.3
Chris HestonFRESF325.8270038.2522825715381.73156.5
Collin McHughLASNYM222.9870042.147171417311.28155.3
Kyle GibsonROCMIN243.3271140.2361515211351.16153.5
Jake OdorizziDURTB302.6560034211010413391.00150.0

How are Fantasy Points calculated?
Win - 10 pts
Innings Pitched - 2 pts
Earned Runs Allowed - (1pt)
Strike Outs - .5pt

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