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NBA Draft Recap

Anthony Bennett was the #1 overall pick, the first ever from Canada.  If he turns into Larry Johnson, then this pick was the right move, otherwise it just creates a log jam at the PF position with Tristan Thompson(also Canadian) and could even force him to play C which might not be the best for all parties involved.  Either way, with Anderson Varejao and Tyler Zeller at the C position there are really just 48 minutes for Thompson and Bennett to split.  It will take a while for a true rotation to develop but I don't see Bennett playing any more than 28 minutes per game, MAX, if everyone stays healthy or a trade occurs.  So as far as drafting Bennett?  Don't reach and don't rely on him.  Late draft pick with potential to help a lot more late in the season.  Tristan Thompson?  As long as he is the starter, his value goes unchanged because he can slide up to the C.  Varejao will probably be limited, to prevent injury, and traded because of his expiring contract so don't put to much value into him either.  Tons of value early in the season, but depending on his health and jersey that he wears int he second half will determine his value after the New Year.  Tyler Zeller should be ignored in drafts.

Victor Oladipo was the right choice by the Orlando Magic at #2.  Noel can't help them and Nikola Vucevic is the real deal.  With trade rumors swirling around Arron Afflalo to the Clippers for Eric Bledsoe, this draft pick looks even better.  Bledsoe and Oladipo are a nice way to build a backcourt for the future.  Even with out Bledsoe on the Magic and Afflalo still there, Oladipo is worth a late round pick due to the fact that he can do a little bit of everything.  His true value will come towards the end of the season.

The Wizards then took Otto Porter Jr. with the 3rd pick and I honestly don't see him having much value this season, fantasy wise.  The team already has Martell Webster(UFA) and Trevor Ariza plus Chris Singleton and now they add Porter Jr.  Playing time will be limited.  Good player, just not the best situation for him as a rookie.

Cody Zeller might be the most valuable rookie in the draft, since the Charolette Bobcats have no center on their roster.  Zeller could easily see 30 minutes per game from Day 1 and something like 10 / 6 - 12 / 8 per game is not hard to imagine.  Kemba Walker will be handing him the ball under the hoop so there are plenty of easy points to score Zeller.  The Bobcats will still be terrible, but Zeller is worth owning as your backup C this coming Fantasy Basketball season.

After Zeller, the Phoenix Suns took Alex Len over Noel and Ben McLemore, good idea?  I don't think so.  They have no shooters on this team and really could have used McLemore.  That being said Len will have to battle Marcin Gortat, Jermaine O'Neal (UFA), Hamed Haddadi, Luis Scola, Channing Frye and the Morris brothers for playing time.  Good player, but terrible situation for the rookie as far as Fantasy Basketball is concerned.

McLemore was drafted two slots later by the Sacramento Kings and that pretty much ends Tyreke Evans tenure with the club.  Evans is a RFA is it has been made public that they pretty much will not match whatever contract he is offered.  McLemore will be the starting Guard from the get go and could be the most productive scoring rookie this season.  Mclemore is a good 2nd SG but an even better rotational player on your team.  Don't reach for him but if you are looking for bench players he is worth a spot!

McLemore started a trend of 5 guards drafted in a row, after 3 Center went back to back to back. 

The Pistons took Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, but that is another team that drafted at a position of depth.  With Jose Calderon (UFA), Brandon Knight, and Rodney Stuckey already aboard, KCP could see limited action.  Granted he is probably a better player than Stuckey, he will have to wait his turn as the rookie.  The minutes will be there late in the season, but not worthy of a draft pick in my opinion. 

Next up was Trey Burke who was drafted by the Timberwolves, but traded to the Utah Jazz for the 14th (Shabazz Muhammad) and 21st (Gorgui Dieng).  Burke should be the highest drafted rookie, as he is the starting PG on a playoff caliber squad.  Love this deal by the Jazz.  Muhammad will fit in nicely with the T'Wolves but minutes will be limited early on in the season.  Dieng will be a decent role player, probably not worth a draft pick, but as a free agent he will add rebounds and blocks to your team.

The Trail Blazers took the Patriots League's best player in C.J. McCollum and as Portland's 3rd guard, will be a nice bench player to own. Think of him as a really poor mans Jamal Crawford.

Then finally Michael Carter-Williams was selected by the 76ers and everyone finally understood why they were willing to part with Jrue Holiday.  Let me be clear, I am not saying MCW is as good or anywhere near as productive as Holiday, but it makes sense why they did it.  MCW and Nerlens Noel are now the future core of the 76ers.

Oklahoma landed Steven Adams and finally having a guy who can score inside the paint.  He SHOULD see minutes this season, but the Thunder may want him to develop some more before exposing him.  They have Perry Jones III who didn't play much last season and should get minutes ahead of Adams.  Kendrick Perkins is terrible and may not even make the team come the start of the season.

The acquisition of Kelly Olynyk by the Celtics is a very wise one.  The Celtics have no center outside of Fab Melo on the roster and Olynyk could step right in on day one.  Worthy of a late late round draft pick, Olynyk could be an 8 and 8 guy.

8 International players were selected between picks 15 and 30 with Dennis Schroeder, now a member of the Atlanta Hawks being the most valuable this season.  The Hawks also landed Lucas Nogueira and with Josh Smith (RFA) on his way out, could see valuable miutes as well, but will help more in blocks and rebounds and FG%....sort of like Tyson Chandler.

The Bucks drafted Giannis Antetokounmpo, who will most likely be the best of the 8, but not this season.

Shane Larkin appears to be the new starting PG of the Dallas Mavericks after being drafted by Atlanta.  Larkin could be a nice rotational fantasy player, and worth drafting.

At pick 25, Reggie Bullock has a serious shot at being the Clippers starting SF.  It will depend on Caron Butler being shipped to Orlando in that Blesoe/Afflalo deal but even still, he is a more versatile player than Butler and can still knock down the 3.

It doesn't appear any other player drafted in the 20's has a serious shot at being a starter, but guys like Tony Snell on the Bulls, and Tim Hardaway Jr. on the Knicks have minutes to play and could help a fantasy team.  Snell will probably lead the Bulls bench in points scored (not hard to do), Hardaway Jr. could have all of J.R. Smith's minutes and shot opportunities.

Solomon Hill, drafted by the Pacers, will have to battle Lance Stephenson and Danny Granger for playing time, so that will be interesting.

Last night was fun, but extremely difficult to follow.  So many more moves are waiting to take place and free agency is about to begin.  The NBA offseason is one of the best and this year might be the most active in a LONG LONG time.

How did you favorite team do in last night's draft?