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NBA Draft Trades

Last night's NBA Draft was just one giant surprise.  Before the Cleveland Cavaliers were even on the clock, the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics laid out the framework for a blockbuster deal, that will land Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in Brooklyn.  Then after the Cavs used all 5 minutes to make their selection, it was not Nerlens Noel or Alex Len's name that was called, yet Anthony Bennett's.  Noel fell to the New Orleans Pelicans at the #6 slot, and before you could even imagine him and Anthony Davis playing together, he was traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, for JRUE HOLIDAY!  There were so many other deals happening between draft picks, it was nearly impossible to follow, so I will let you read HoopsWorld trade recaps, they make it a bit easier to understand.

Hello Brooklyn!

Lets start with the Brooklyn/Boston deal and how it will affect the upcoming fantasy basketball season.  Clearly the Nets are pretty much stealing the last games Pierce and Garnett will ever play for a bunch of contracts and late round draft picks, wise move.  However, with the age they are adding and the possibility of Jason Kidd wanting to run an uptempo offense, is this a great fit?  Brook Lopez will dominate the block with Garnett spreading the floor and popping off the pick and roll with Deron William quite a bit. Pierce and Joe Johnson will staying behind the arc waiting for the drive and dish from Williams, if he doesn't finish at the rim or dump off to Lopez for the easy bucket.  Sounds GREAT on paper and oh so easy, but all 5 players on the court are used to having the ball in their hands.  Will Deron defer to Pierce late in games?  Will the Nets go to Garnett in the post for the final shot over Lopez?  It will be very interesting to watch how the team develops chemistry.  Overall I think Deron Williams receives the biggest boost in fantasy value, while Pierce, Garnett and Lopez all drop just a bit and Joe Johnson falls.  Did we mention Jason Terry is coming to town as well?  His value goes unchanged as he will still be the go to scorer off the bench.

For Boston, Rajon Rondo will actually see a slight increase due to the fact that he will be relied on to score some points and Jeff Green is now a big time fantasy player.  One guy I love in this is Kris Humphries, as long as we know he will be the starting PF and not Reggie Evans.  He has a ton of value with Rondo as his PG.  Jared Sullinger is still an unknown and Kelly Olynyk was acquired on draft night so the PF/C position will be one to watch in Beantown.  Olynyk is a guy to watch as his aggressive style of play could easily translate to the NBA and the minutes are there at the C position.

Holiday is a Pelican

Moving onto the 76ers/Pelicans deal, WHOA.  Jrue Holiday, the All-Star PG, was shipped to New Orleans who already has Greivis Vasquez (clearly taking a back seat here) for a Center, which is a position they DESPERATELY need, that can't play until January.  I hate this move for Philly, even though they did draft Michael Carter-Williams.  They will not even be able to compete this season,which might be the plan since Andrew Wiggins is entering the league in the 2014 Draft.  That being said, the only players you can draft from Philly this year are Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young.  I would avoid MCW if you can.  You want him as your back up or even 3rd PG?  Fine, take him, but do not count on him to be a vital part of your fantasy basketball team.

In New Orleans, I am going to have to do a lot of reading in trying to understand what they are doing down there but Vasquez had an unbelievable season last year and I feel like this is a slap in the face.  Holiday is clearly the better PG, but Vasquez proved he is a capable NBA starting PG.  Clearly it looks as if they are trying to turn Greivis' season into more pieces, but who is looking for a PG at this moment and has valuable pieces to send back to the Pelicans?  I wish they kept Noel and let him and Davis do some damage on the defensive end.  That being said, Holiday should see a slight boost in value as the 76ers were a terrible offensive team, yet he still managed 17.7 points and 8 assists.  I don't see him grabbing 4 and a half rebounds per game any more but that's not why you draft a guy like Jrue anyway.  A full season with a healthy Eric Gordon (maybe) and Anthony Davis should improve the Pelicans offensively.  You can't really say the Pelicans players will get a boost in stats from Holiday joining the team since Vasquez was just as good, if not better at times last season.

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