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MLB All-Star Voting - Early Results

With early returns in on the MLB All-Star voting, which will take place at Citi Field in Queen NY home of the New York Mets, there is plenty to laugh at.  This happens in every league with fan voting for these games but it is still fun to look at.  In the American League, things actually quite fair and only the outfield selections could really be in question.  But the National League is claerly over run by San Francisco Giants Fans.

The AL All Stars starting lineup currently look like this:
C - Joe Mauer, Twins
1B - Chris Davis, Orioles
2B - Robinson Cano, Yankes
3B - Miguel Cabrera, Tigers
SS - Elvis Andrus - Rangers
OF - Mike Trout, Angels
OF - Adam Jones, Orioles
OF - Torii Hunter, Tigers

Mauer is the best catcher in the league thus far, according to fantasy baseball rankings, and Chris Davis is the 2nd best fantasy player outside of Miguel Cabrera.  It is nice to see him get the respect he deserves, especially over the Prince Fielders and Albert Pujols' of the world.  You could easily argue Dustin Pedroia over Cano as Pedroia has been the best 2B for nearly the entire season.  No doubt Miggy gets the gig, which sucks for Manny Machado and the American League SS position is so weak, but Jhonny Peralta and Jed Lowrie do have the slight advantage over Andrus statistically.  In the Outfield, Trout and Jones are 2 of the the top 3 OF in all of baseball currently but Torii Hunter should not be in the discussion of a starting position.  Hunter ranks 34th overall in the outfield and 16th in the American League.  Nelson Cruz and Jose Bautista are 4th and 5th in voting currently, but Mark Trumbo and Alex Gordon should be the next two in line.

In the National League the starting lineup is as follows:
C - Buster Posey, Giants
1B - Joey Votto, Reds
2B - Brandon Phillips, Reds
3B - Pablo Sandoval, Giants
SS - Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies
OF - Justin Upton, Braves
OF - Bryce Harper, Nationals
OF - Ryan Braun, Brewers

Outside of Posey, Yadier Molina is truly the only other option at catcher in the NL.  You could argue all day between Votto and Paul Goldschmidt and never be able to convince someone who indifferent to pick between the two, but its the fact that Brandon Belt is second in voting, and Goldy 3rd!  Phillips is the clear cut choice at 2B but Matt Carpenter should not be 4th, behind Marco Scutaro and Chase Utley.  Mets fans should be embarrassed that they can't even vote in their only good player for an All-Star game in their home ballpark!  David Wright is currently over 100,000 votes behind Kung Fu Panda.  Tulo is the best SS in all of baseball so no questioning the votes here, but Jean Segura is your only other option, not Brandon Crawford, who is currently second in voting.  In the outfield, Bryce Harper is undeservedly getting a ton of votes.  Yes he is a fan favorite, but based on statistics, he barely cracks the top 45 of all OFs.  If he takes away a starting spot from Shin-Soo Choo it would be a disgrace.

What are you biggest gripes with fan voting early on?  Let us know in the comment section!