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End of 2013 Fantasy Football Season - Quarterback Rankings

No position in fantasy football dominates the way the QB position does, and dominant Peyton Manning was.  Manning led all QBs in completions, Yards and TDs, earning the triple crown.  Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton in the top 5 are the biggest surprises here.  Rivers had his best season yet, with just 3 interceptions to 12 touchdowns over the San Diego Chargers last 7 games,  and Andy Dalton led the Cincinnati Bengals to an AFC North division title.

Nick Foles finished the season as a top 5 QB, but only got 10 starts thanks to Michael Vick.  Foles scored 27 TDs in those 10 starts and matched Peyton's 7 TD game from Week 1 in Week 9. 

Tom Brady's fantasy value plummeted without Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and Wes Welker and owners questioned starting him week in and week out. 

Matt Ryan owners had tough decisions to make as well after Julio Jones was lost for the season.  Speaking of lost for the season, Sam Bradford had thrown 14 TDs and just 4 INTs before suffering a season ending injury in Week 7.  Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler spend a lot of Sunday's on the sideline, but thankfully Josh McCown had great success starting for the Chicago Bears.  Scott Tolzien and Matt Flynn?  Not so much.

Overall the QB position was a big let down and guys like Robert Griffin III and Eli Manning had owners scrambling on a weekly basis to start a QB with a good matchup.  That was also what was missing from the QB position this season...scrambling.

PlayerRankDraft Rank
Peyton Manning14
Drew Brees22
Philip Rivers324
Tony Romo412
Andy Dalton515
Matthew Stafford610
Matt Ryan76
Ben Roethlisberger814
Andrew Luck99
Tom Brady105

PlayerRankDraft Rank
Cam Newton113
Alex Smith1225
Ryan Tannehill1328
Russell Wilson148
Carson Palmer1521
Nick Foles16#N/A
Joe Flacco1716
Colin Kaepernick187
Robert Griffin1911
Eli Manning2013
Chad Henne21#N/A
Geno Smith2230
Mike Glennon23#N/A
Jay Cutler2418
Ryan Fitzpatrick25#N/A
Aaron Rodgers261
EJ Manuel2729
Josh McCown28#N/A
Sam Bradford2917
Matt Schaub3023


For the first time since 2007, Tom Brady will not be throwing passes to Wes Welker. How will this impact his fantasy value? That is yet to be seen, but Danny Amendola SHOULD be able to minimize the damage. However, Aaron Hernandez will not be playing football this season and most likely ever again and Rob Gronkowski will not be available until at least week 7. That is where Brady will be hurt the most. Brady's remaining targets are Michael Jenkins (new to the offense), Julian Edelman, Aaron Dobson (rookie) and Jake Ballard. Not the most enticing receivers. The Patriots backfield might have more value then receivers this season.

Carson Palmer is throwing passes for the Cardinals this season, and has Larry Fitzgerald running routes for him. He hasn't had a receiver of this quality since Chad Johnson from the 2006-07 seasons. Palmer also gets Michael Floyd and Andre Roberts to toss the pigskin too. This is a huge upgrde from the Raiders receivers. Palmer is going to throw interceptions, but chances are Palmer will be one of the most added QBs via waiver wire moves this fantasy football season.

Be very careful with Michael Vick because Nick Foles and Matt Barkley are just waiting to get a shot!

It is possible that the AFC East has two rookie QBs take over their teams starting gigs by as early as the Bills (12) and Jets (10) bye weeks. Geno Smith could take over much earlier than that but E.J. Manuel will have to give Kevin Kolb the ability to beat himself before being handed the reins.

Other notable QBs wearing a new helmet this season:

* - New Team
** - Rookie
*** - Sleeper

1.) Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers
2.) Drew Brees - New Orleans Saints
3.) Cam Newton - Carolina Panthers
4.) Peyton Manning - Denver Broncos
5.) Tom Brady - New England Patriots

6.) Matt Ryan - Atlanta Falcons
7.) Colin Kaepernick - San Francisco 49ers
8.) Russell Wilson - Seattle Seahawks
  • The surprise of the 2013-'13 NFL season, Wilson will not be flying under the radar as you get ready for your draft this year. Many had their doubts when Head Coach Pete Carroll named his 3rd round pick the stater going into week 1. Absolutely no questions remained after the Seahawks clinched a playoff birth. With a new weapon in the electrifying Percy Harvin, look for Wilson to improve upon his solid rookie marks of 3,118 yards and 26 touchdowns. The added dimension of his running ability, which resulted in 489 rushing yards, makes the Seattle QB even more valuable. - @Miller_WeTalkFS
9.) Andrew Luck - Indianapolis Colts
10.) Matthew Stafford - Detroit Lions
11.) Robert Griffin III - Washington Redskins
  • It will be VERY interesting to see if RGIII can and will move around in the pocket and scramble for those 815 yards and 7 TDs again. Griffin was 22nd in the league in passing yards, so if he isn't scrambling for yards and TDs, how impactful can he be? Be very careful when considering drafting the Redskins QB! - @WeTlkFntsySprts
12.) Tony Romo - Dallas Cowboys
13.) Eli Manning - New York Giants
14.) Ben Roethlisberger - Pittsburgh Steelers
15.) Andy Dalton - Cincinnati Bengals
16.) Joe Flacco - Baltimore Ravens
  • Flacco won the Super Bowl, got his monster contract and I don't like that for him moving into this season. Most players do not get better after signing a big contract. Flacco was outstanding during the playoffs but he's not a great fantasy player. Flacco did not have one receiver with 1,000 yards or more than 65 catches, and unfortunately that receiver is Anquan Boldin and he's now with the 49ers. The Ravens did not add a top notch receiver in the off-season and they have Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce in the backfield who will lead the way. - @Mike_WeTalkFS
17.) Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams
18.) Jay Cutler - Chicago Bears
19.) Michael Vick - Philadelphia Eagles
20.) Josh Freeman - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
21.) Carson Palmer *- Arizona Cardinals
22.) Brandon Weeden - Cleveland Browns
23.) Matt Schaub - Houston Texans
24.) Philip Rivers - San Diego Chargers
25.) Alex Smith *- Kansas City Chiefs
26.) Jake Locker - Tennessee Titans
27.) Christian Ponder - Minnesota Vikings
28.) Ryan Tannehill ***- Miami Dolphins
29.) E.J. Manuel **- Buffalo Bills
  • When E.J. Manuel, a 6"5 QB out of Florida State was drafted the #1 quarterback to the Bills at number 16, the NFL community was stunned. At the time, we thought the Bills were making a huge mistake by passing up on talents like Geno Smith and Mike Glennon. Now, when we look at it, Manuel may have been the right choice. He is a 6 foot 5 inch 238 pound QB that runs a 4.6 40 that completed 68% of his passes last season as a senior for Florida State. But, we are here for fantasy and frankly, he could be this year's Russel Wilson, winning the starting job and being a consistent top-12 QB. Why? Even though he has a half-a-foot on Wilson they have a similar skill set, with Manuel only rushing for 30 yards less in his senior year in college than Wilson. -Harrison
30.) Geno Smith **- New York Jets
31.) Terelle Pryor- Oakland Raiders
32.) Blaine Gabbert - Jacksonville Jaguars

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