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Brian Hartline - PPR Gold?

Mike Wallace burst onto the fantasy football scene during the 2010 NFL season when he caught 60 passes for 1257 yards and 10 touchdowns.  He did so with a 34 year old Hines Ward lining up next to him.  Ward went on to catch 59 passes for 710 yards and 5 touchdowns.  There were only a handful of WRs who had those kind of numbers last season, at the point in the draft where you can select #82.  If Brian Hartline can play the Hines Ward role this season for the Miami Dolphins, he is due to have a great season.  The 2013 Dolphins have a similar offensive depth chart to that 2010 Steelers team that finished 12-4.  Dustin Keller will be playing the roll of Heath Miller and Brandon Gibson will play Emmanuel Sanders.  Granted the Dolphins defense is not nearly what the Steelers defense was, they have a very good chance to finish with 10 or more wins, especially in a weak AFC East division.  But it will depend on Hartline transitioning into a secondary receiver (which is who he truly is) and if Ryan Tannehill makes smart decisions and doesn't force the ball to Mike Wallace, who will most likely be doubled at all times. 

Last season Hartline saw 128 targets, good for 21st in the league.  He only turned one of those catches into a touchdown however.  That is why he is strictly a PPR fantasy option.  He caught 74 passes and took them for over 1000 yards with a rookie QB and Head Coach.  Now with the playbook memorized and chemistry with his quarterback, Hartline could repeat those numbers if not improve on them with Mike Wallace and Dustin Keller in town.  The field is going to be wide open with Wallace running deep routes and Keller clearing out the middle.  The best receiver Hartline's ever played with was Davone Bess and he is nothing more than a slot receiver.  When drafting your team this summer, be sure to consider Hartline when the time is right. 

If you are drafting an ESPN team, Brian Hartline is currently drafted as the 56th WR,  149th overall, right after Golden Tate and before Andre Roberts.  That's around the same time guys are drafting Denard Robinson, Joseph Randle and the Dallas Cowboys defense.

If you are drafting a Yahoo team, Brian Hartline is going in the 15th round at pick 134.  Right around the time Alshon Jeffery and Vincent Brown are being selected.  Other position players being drafted at that time are TEs Scott Chandler and Jordan Cameron.

If you are drafting a CBS team, Brian Hartline is going as high as 122nd overall and as low as 171th overall but on average, 144th.  It seems owners are choosing between Matt Bryant, Darrius Heyward-Bey or Hartline. 

Fantasy Football Warehouse agrees with us about Hartline!