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Le'Veon Bell vs Montee Ball - Who Would You Rather Have?

UPDATE (8/21) - Le'Veon Bell has Lisfranc injury!

This is the year of the running back and many of us will be relying on rookie RBs this fantasy football season.  You will need to draft 3 RBs that you can trust and without reaching!  Some of the better teams in the league will feature a rookie and you will need to make sure you draft the right one!  The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Le'Veon Bell with the 48th overall pick in the 2nd round while the Denver Broncos drafted Montee Ball at 58.  Neither of these guys were even the first running back to be drafted, that honor goes to Giovani Bernard and the Cincinnati Bengals, but Bell and Ball were drafted just 10 picks apart and are the highest drafted rookie running backs across the board in fantasy football.

The Pittsburgh Steelers can not win football games without establishing the run.  That is the way they operate, always have, and it seems like they always will.  Last season, as a team, they rushed for just 1537 yards and 8 touchdowns.  The season before?  1900 and 13 TDs.  That is where the Steelers need to be to stay competitive in the AFC North and Le'Veon Bell has the skill set to get them there.  We have all seen the highlight reels of him leaping over defenders, but he is only going to be as effective as his offensive line is healthy.  Included in that line is TE Heath Miller, and he is not going to be around for a while it looks like.  The Steelers do not own a top notch pass attack and teams will force them to throw the ball while stacking the box.

The Denver Broncos on the other hand, do own one of, if not THE, premier pass attack in the NFL.  On top of that, they have one of the best offensive lines in the league.  Last season, they rushed for 300 more yards than the Steelers, but they did so on 69 more rushing attempts.  Both teams averaged the same yards per carry.  That being said, Montee Ball is not half the athlete Bell is.  Still though, Montee Ball will be joining the offense that moves the ball down field at a quick pace and scores a ton more touchdowns.  Ball's college stats blow Bell's out of the water but that was then and this is now. 

Average Draft Position
Le'Veon Bell
Montee Ball
So based on Average Draft Position who would you rather have?

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