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New Orleans Saints Fantasy Team Preview

At the QB position, the Saints have a fantasy BEAST. Drew Brees is our second ranked QB and you will have to commit at quarterback to get him in your draft. On ESPN average draft position, he is going early second round. Is he worth it? Honestly, NO! QB is so deep and an example is Tony Romo at pick 80! Romo was the 8th ranked quarterback last season and is going 6-7 round later, and you are only giving up three points a week on average.

At, running back, the Saints position is a little bit more murky. While Darren Sproles is the most dangerous receiving running back in the NFL (and a low end #2 RB), the traditional running backs behind him are questionable. After the Saints drafted Mark Ingram in the first round of the NFL draft in 2011, he has been disappointing with his top finish being fantasy's 33rd RB.  Now, with Chris Ivory gone, the situation is similar to the Carolina situation (DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart) with Ingram and Pierre Thomas sharing carries. When alone, both have the potential to be RB2s but together? My only advice is stay far away from both.

At wide receiver, the Saints offer many options. First off, fantasy's 11th ranked WR Marques Colston. Last season 10 touchdowns and 1154 yards made fantasy owners happy, but he is aging with this year turning 30. 30 is not a death wish for football players (See Andre Johnson 2012) but it really takes a toll on your legs with means a loss in speed and or separation which could mean a decrease in TDs and yards. Who could pick up the slack? Lance Moore. Last season Moore had his first 1,000 yard season and was fantasy's #19 Wide Receiver. But, don't get too excited because Moore had a "lucky" season based on yards per catch which means his yards could drop significantly. Also, a deep sleeper for them is Joe Morgan, who averaged an insane 37.9 Yards per catch last season and could take over the role of former WR Devery Henderson.

At Tight End, well lets just say that Jimmy Graham is A LOT better than any other Tight End. He is going on average with pick 26, which is a big commitment to Tight End. But, that commitment could turn out very well. An average fantasy TE like last season's Martellus Bennett, scores 5 points less per game on average than Jimmy Graham who even played 2 less games than Bennett. At Backup tight end, Benjamin Watson could be a low end #1 if something happens to Jimmy Graham.

Well, at D/ST, Stay away from the Saints unless they are playing the Jets.......

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