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Danny Amendola vs Wes Welker - Who Would You Rather Have?

One thing you can bet on Danny Amendola doing this season is matching his career touchdown total of 7.  That is of course if he can stay healthy and play an entire season, which he has only done once in 4 NFL season and has managed just 42 career games.  Amendola's best season was in 2010 when he caught 83 passes for 689 yards and 3 touchdowns.  I am thinking that 32 receptions is a pretty good number for a prediction this season but the way the Patriots score, he is bound to have more than 3 TDs.  It's hard to imagine Amendola ever putting up a previous Welker type season, even if the Pats had Aaron Hernandez or Rob Gronkowski.  Look for the Patriots to shift back to the run a bit this season.

Trying to compare the two wide receivers stats seems irrelevant as Wes Welker caught the most passes in the NFL 3 of the last 6 season.  But Welker now plays on a Denver Broncos team in which he is the third option for Peyton ManningDemaryius Thomas and Eric Decker are the go to guys on the ball club and will still receive the majority of the targets.  That being said Welker has definitely lost some PPR value, but how much has yet to be seen.  What he will get though, are more open field opportunities with defenses focusing on Thomas and Decker, leaving Welker in his favorite position on the field, open space.  Think about it this way, Brandon Stokley caught 45 passes (58 targets) for 544 yards and 5 scores last season in 15 games (only 14 in which he recorded any stats).  Wes Welker should see a bit more targets than 58 and to be honest, should be able to do more with the ball after the catch than Stokley did (144 yards).

Average Draft Position
Danny Amendola

Wes Welker
  • ESPN - 38.7(14th WR overall)
  • Yahoo - 44.3 (18th WR overall)
    • Between Reggie Wayne and Hakeem Nicks
      • Drafted after Reggie Wayne but before Hakeem Nicks
  • CBS - 43.2 (14th WR overall)
So based on Average Draft Positions, who would you rather have?
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