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NFL Player Eliminator Week 1

Thursday Update: I am not sure that the guy atop the leaderboard knew the rules of the game, but he had Peyton Manning, Ray Rice, Wes Welker, Demaryius Thomas and Julius Thomas this week! 

ESPN has come out with a new fantasy football challenge and we are hoping you will join our group in its first season!  It's one and done survival mode, so build your roster wisely!

Thursday Update: Only 1.9% used Peyton Manning this week.  Man that would've been nice huh?

Sunday Update: Even less people picked Eli Manning at just .9% but the Manning brothers were this weeks top 2 QBs.

QB is now a position of depth and in a league like this, that is a blessing. Feel free to take your favorite QB as there are more than enough to last you 17 weeks! That being said, it is very difficult to make your OWN decision. You can follow the majority of players, but remember that the Oakland Raiders aren't very good at stopping the run. Andrew Luck (34.4%) and the Indianapolis Colts could easily open up a lead and run the clock out in the second half. Oakland drafted D.J. Hayden 12th overall and signed Charles Woodsen to bolster their secondary. I'm going with the Detroit Lions Matthew Stafford (4.0%) against a Minnesota Vikings defense in which he completed 58 of 93 passes last season for 648 yards. In the second matchup, he tossed 3 scores for 329 yards and that is what I am hoping he can give me in Week 1. Plus you can never count on the Lions being healthy so take advantage of when they are all together...just keep Jared Allen away from Stafford!

Thursday Update: Ray Rice was on less than 2% of rosters this week

Sunday Update: Facing each other, Adrian Peterson (11.1%) and Reggie Bush (7.2%) were this weeks top 2 RBs and the only guys to clear 20 points!

RB is a position that you need to pick and choose VERY wisely. With such a limited number of valuable backs, the last thing you want to do is be without options by Week 6. You will need to decide which teams will be using RBBC and take that teams second back for a week. For instance, this week I am going with Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch (16.8%) and Colts Vick Ballard (7.5%). You have to always make sure you have a superstar on your roster (Lynch vs Carolina Panthers is a dream matchup) and I am taking Ballard because I believe the Colts will expose the Raiders run defense, as mentioned above. Ahmad Bradshaw is still nursing an injury, while learning the playbook, and the second year back should get nearly 50% of the snaps, if not even more! Jamaal Charles in the most popular choice this week at 19.6% and a pretty wise decision against the Jacksonville Jaguars, but he is nursing an injury!

Thursday Update: At 4.8%, Demaryius Thomas was the most popular receiver from last nights contest.  Torrey Smith, Wes Welker and Eric Decker were each selected at about 2%

Sunday Update: Victor Cruz (1.3%) edged Demaryius Thomas (4.0%) and A.J. Green (.8%) to take the top WR spot this week.

WR is where you can go crazy because of the ridiculous depth and only needing 2 per week. The Colts Reggie Wayne (28.7%) and T.Y. Hilton (14.3) are the two most popular selections. It seems like a wise decision to bundle up your QB/WR but I am against that JUST IN CASE you make a mistake and that team struggles! That is why I am going with Falcons Roddy White (4.1%) and San Francisco 49ers Anquan Boldin (3.1%) over Lions Calvin Johnson (8.4%). You might question Boldin, but the 49ers may be forced to toss the pigskin a bit against the Green Bay Packers and Boldin is Colin Kaepernick's only experienced WR at the moment. Being that this is not a PPR scoring system, I like Boldin. Michael Crabrree caught 2 TDs inside the Red Zone in their Playoff matchup and I'm hoping this time around it is Boldin on the receiving end. As far as Roddy White over Julio Jones, White saw 20 targets against the Saints last season vs Jones 14. Neither caught a TD in the two matchups.

Thursday Update: Julius Thomas was the most popular TE selected from Thursdays matchup, but at just .4%

Sunday Update: At 6.0% owned, Jared Cook took home the top TE of the week award

TE used to be deep, but then we lost Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Heath Miller, Dennis Pitta and now Dustin Keller! These days the Houston Texans Owen Daniels (9.3%) is the #3 most selected TE behind the Falcons Tony Gonzalez (15.1%) and the New England Patriots Zach Sudfeld (9.6%)! For this position I would just continue to take your top rated guy until you run out and wait for that player to come out of nowhere towards the end of the season. But because I am trying to not select two players from the same team, I can not select Tony G, so I am going with the Vikings Kyle Rudolph (6.2%). The Lions will be so focused on stopping Adrian Peterson and doubling up on Greg Jennings that Kyle Rudolph should see lots of 1 on 1 with the middle of the field wide open! Rudolph caught 7 passes for 64 yards and a TD in Week 10 last season against Detroit.

Sunday Update: The Kansas City Chiefs were this weeks best defense and were owned by 6.0% of players
Defense is hard to judge before the season starts, for obvious reasons, but the Oakland Raiders offense is so terrible that the Indianapolis Colts (20.8%) seem like a solid option, and that is why they are the most popular defense for Week 1! The Raiders have a QB situation no other team in the league would ask for, Darren McFadden gets no run blocking, and if you could name me the Raiders top 3 receivers and their starting TE, it would be appreciated!  Also, the Tampa Bay Bucaneers (20.0%) defense against the Mark Sanchez-less and Geno Smith led New York Jets!

Sunday Update: Greg Zurlein was this weeks top kicker and was on 7.0% of rosters
You are on your own as far as kickers go!