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Biogenesis Suspensions

As far as real life goes, this story revolves around Alex Rodriguez. Considering he hasn't played a game all season long, we couldn't give two hoots about ARod. We are focusing on the players being suspended that will impact Fantasy Baseball and the upcoming Playoffs!

Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, and Yasmani Grandal will not face further punishment, as they had already served 50-game suspensions for failing drug tests. Washington's Gio Gonzalez and Baltimore's Danny Valencia, despite being mentioned in early Biogenesis reports, have been cleared of wrongdoing by MLB's investigation. - Deadspin

The biggest name on this list is Nelson Cruz. A middle of the lineup hitter, who is currently ranked 36th overall, 30th amongst hitters and the #12 overall outfielder. His 27 home runs and 76 RBI can not be found on the free agent list, but below we have a couple of options that are swinging a hot bat.

Nelson Cruz
- Brandon Moss, David DeJesus, Eric Young JR., Gerardo Parra, J.B. Shuck, Jon Jay, Josh Willingham, Leonys Martin, Nate Schierholtz
ESPN - Brandon Moss, David DeJesus, Eric Young JR., Gerardo Parra, J.B. Shuck, Jon Jay, Josh Willingham, Leonys Martin, Nate Schierholtz, Nick Swisher
Yahoo - Andre Ethier, Colby Rasus, Evan Gattis, Junior Lake, Leonys Martin, Marlon Byrd, Michael Brantley, Nick Swisher

The shortstop position is weak enough as is, so losing Peralta and Cabrera are going to be a BIG problem. Jhonny Peralta has established himself as a top 10 SS and is currently ranked 3rd, thanks to a .305 batting average, 29 doubles, 11 home runs and 54 RBI. Everth Cabrera has used 37 stolen bases to climb the ranks to 5th, even though he has only played in 95 of the Padres 112 games.

Jhonny Peralta & Everth Cabrera
- Alcides Escobar, Brad Miller, Brandon Crawford, Jordy Mercer, Jose Iglesias,Stephen Drew, Zack Cozart
ESPN - Alcides Escobar, Brad Miller, Brandon Crawford, Jordy Mercer, Jose Iglesias, Stephen Drew, Zack Cozart
Yahoo - Alcides Escobar, Alexei Ramirez, Andrelton Simmons, Brandon Crawford, Erick Aybar, Zack Cozart

To help you make a season saving decision, we have provided you with the suggested players stats since the All-Star Break:

*Stats via Fangraphs
*Sorted by WAR

Andrelton SimmonsBraves177519381005.30%2.70%0.2460.2710.3200.4860.8
Colby RasmusBlue Jays17672318803.00%26.90%0.4780.3540.3730.5080.8
Marlon ByrdMets187822211917.70%25.60%0.4080.3100.3720.5070.7
Stephen DrewRed Sox1457143910114.00%28.10%0.3790.2980.4040.5110.7
Andre EthierDodgers156715288114.90%19.40%0.3170.2730.3880.4910.6
Jordy MercerPirates12511605409.80%15.70%0.4320.3560.4310.4670.5
Junior LakeCubs18782546712.60%23.10%0.3960.3330.3510.5330.5
Brandon CrawfordGiants14441123609.10%15.90%0.2900.2750.3410.5000.4
David DeJesusCubs134913036012.20%20.40%0.3940.3020.3880.4190.4
Erick AybarAngels176716111549.00%6.00%0.2780.2710.3480.4070.4
Nate SchierholtzCubs17581435906.90%24.10%0.3060.2640.3280.5090.4
Zack CozartReds15521428507.70%23.10%0.3530.2980.3460.4470.4
Brad MillerMariners1675162119110.70%12.00%0.2500.2390.3200.3880.3
Brandon MossAthletics14491516718.20%12.20%0.3680.3330.3880.4440.3
Jon JayCardinals17611706808.20%26.20%0.4590.3210.3900.4340.3
Eric YoungMets167213173711.10%15.30%0.2350.2060.3060.3020.1
J.B. ShuckAngels176818112514.40%14.70%0.3150.2860.3090.3970.1
Michael BrantleyIndians15561305517.10%12.50%0.2950.2550.3090.3730.1
Nick SwisherIndians16691627207.20%27.50%0.3260.2500.3040.3750.1
Alexei RamirezWhite Sox17731608634.10%6.80%0.2500.2320.2640.2900
Leonys MartinRangers16621516611.60%24.20%0.3260.2590.2790.3790
Gerardo ParraDiamondbacks16648051110.90%14.10%0.1700.1430.2500.161-0.2
Evan GattisBraves15641517703.10%18.80%0.2860.2420.2660.306-0.3
Alcides EscobarRoyals1667901301.50%13.40%0.1580.1380.1490.154-0.6