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12 Team Mock Draft on CBS

I tried to snag the #3 draft pick, but was seconds late and had to settle for the 10th pick. Based on CBS rankings, I would have ended up with Alfred Morris, but Drew Brees was selected 2nd overall after Adrian Peterson! Doug Martin was next off the board and Arian Foster fell to "the rons" who drafted 4th, a VERY nice surprise should this happen in an actual draft. 5 running backs went next including Morris, but Trent Richardson was skipped and I choose him over LeSean McCoy. I can't trust that Eagles offense without Maclin, a new HC and a very unstable QB situation. Had it been between McCoy and Morris, I would have drafted Shady.

I have been yelling at people all summer to draft 2 RBs in the opening rounds, but when Calvin Johnson falls to the 15th overall pick, you HAVE to draft him. It was him or Stevan need to think twice about it! I was lucky enough to draft home run hitter David Wilson of the New York Football Giants on the back of the 3rd round and followed him up with Roddy White. I could have added Randall Cobb or Vincent Jackson instead of Wilson but I wanted to lock up that 2nd RB. Roddy White is still one of the best WRs in football and Julio Jones only makes him more valuable as White no longer sees the other teams best CB or the double teams. I also picked White over Victor Cruz because I do not like going with multiple players on the same offense, especially MY GIANTS! I feel like I jinx them if they struggle!

I added Eric Decker next even though I could have added a 3rd RB but in the majority of my leagues, we don't have the flex or WR/RB position but rather a 3rd WR. It was him or Steve Smith.

Further proof that you don't need to rush into a QB, it is now round 6 and only 6 QBs have been selected. I went with Jason Witten and hope he turns some of those catches into TDs this season! With Brady and RGIII drafted soon after my Witten pick, I'm left hoping for Matthew Stafford and Andrew Luck, but of course Stafford goes with the 76th overall pick. Tony Romo was selected 80th overall and I am lucky enough to draft Luck. I could have had Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick but I prefer the pocket passer over the scrambler, if nothing more than for health concerns.

So my rosters looks like this:
QB - Andrew Luck (rd 7)
RB - Trent Richardson (rd 1)
RB - David Wilson (rd 3)
WR - Calvin Johnson (rd 2)
WR - Roddy White (rd 4)
WR - Eric Decker (rd 5)
TE - Jason Witten (rd 6)

I couldn't imagine a better draft day!