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Le'Veon Bell - Lisfranc Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers received some devastating news today, as rookie running back and most likely 1st stringer Le'Veon Bell will be sidelined with a Lisfranc injury.  Surgery or not, Bell is going to miss significant time (6-8 weeks) and is now UNDRAFTABLE!  If you have already drafted, make sure you are quick to grab Jonathan Dwyer and Isaac Redman!

Outside of football, Lisfranc is a relatively uncommon injury. But football players (and soccer players) suffer from them more regularly. Benjamin Wedro, a physician who writes extensively about sports issues, called them a low-energy injury where a twist to the midfoot is added to a fall where the foot is plantar-flexed, or positioned like a ballerina on point. The same mechanism can happen in a pile-up if the foot is twisted when another player stumbles over top of it. - Mike Freeman, CBS

I guess we all know who you would rather have now!

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