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NFL Player Eliminator Week 2

How did your first week go? Marshawn Lynch,  Roddy White and Kyle Rudolphs killed me!  I had Matthew Stafford and Anquan Boldin...could have had a huge week.  Instead I ended upwith 83 points.

ESPN has come out with a new fantasy football challenge and it's one and done survival mode, so build your roster wisely!

Sunday Update: Aaron Rodgers (8.4%) and Michael Vick (18.9%) were the weeks top QBs both going over 30 points

Obviously I do not expect Peyton Manning (4.5%) to toss 7 TDs again, but against the New York Giants secondary, it is possible.  Demaryius Thomas, Wes Welker, Julius Thomas, and Eric Decker are just to much for the Giants D to handle, actually for any D in the NFL to handle.  Take advantage of these guys while everyone is healthy!  Terrelle Pryor is the #1 QB this week at 22.6% but as I mentioned last week, there is no need to selected a QB like him as your only need 17 all season long!  I love Pryor's potential, but not so much for an eliminator challenge!  Right behind him in Tom Brady (13%) against the New York Jets.  Probably a better option this week.

Sunday Update: Marshawn Lynch (0.6%) was the top RB this week with 30 points , while Knowshon Moreno (0.9%) was the only other RB with at least 20!  Figures I draft Lynch last week against the Panthers and he sucks, then runs all over the 49ers.

After watching LeSean McCoy (12.3%)  run all over the Washington Redskins offense, I knew I wanted to get him while healthy.  The San Diego Chargers allowed 112 yards to Arian Foster and Ben Tate last week so no reason to believe they can contain McCoy and the Eagles tempo offense.  I am also going with Darren Sproles (4.6%) this week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I do not like a lot of the matchups for RBs and even though the Bucs have a solid run D, Sproles is more of a WR that lines up in the backfield.  At 29.1% owned, Darren McFadden leads all RBs in selections against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Ray Rice is right behind him at 22.8% vs the Cleveland Browns.  As far as Run DMC goes, Jamaal Charles did average nearly 5 yards per carry and got in the endzone, but McFadden didn't even average 3 yards per carry against the Colts.  I'm not sure I agree with the 29.1% of you!  I like the Rice selection as I hope Baltimore goes back to the run game and prevents Joe Flacco from passing 62 times.

Sunday Update: DeSean Jackson (13.2%) was this weeks top WR with one more point than Julio Jones (3.5%) and 2 more than Calvin Johnson (5.3%).  Pierre Garcon (1.4%) and Dez Bryant (0.9%) were the only other WRs to score 20+ points.

As with McCoy, DeSean Jackson (5.9%) looked great on Monday Night Football so I am adding him to my Week 2 lineup and Andre Johnson was able to catch 12 passes last week against San Diego.  I am adding Wes Welker (3.2%) to my lineup this week as I think he and Peyton will light it up against the Giants.  No LB on the Giants wants to even think about chasing down Welker and he will be matched up with Aaron Ross or an even worse CB.  Prince Amukamara may have to sit this one out after leaving Sunday Night Football with a concussion.  Vincent Jackson (20.3%) is leading the WR position against the New Orleans Saints.  Right behind him are Larry Fitzgerald (17.4%) and Steve Smith (16.7%).  I am not sure why Smith against the Buffalo Bills is so popular, do you know?

Sunday Update: Jimmy Graham (11.4%) was the only TE to score 20 points

At TE I am going with Jermaine Gresham against the Steelers as I picture the Bengals on offense a ton in this one as Pittsburgh's offense is a mess.  The Steelers lost LB Larry Foote last week for the season, leaving a big hole to fill in the middle.  Tony Gonzalez leads the TE position with 11.8% of owners selecting him.  Owen Daniels, Jimmy Graham and Jason Witten are all owned by at least 10% of owners.  I am surprised more people are going after Jared Cook (4.4%) who had 2 TDs last week for the St. Louis Rams.

Thursday Update: The Patriots Defense (19.0%) scored 21 points thanks to 4 sacks and 3 interceptions of Geno Smith

Sunday Update:  The Seahawks Defense (0.5%) dominated the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick with 3 sacks, 3 ints and a safety, making them this weeks top D.

Gotta go with the Oakland Raiders (13%) defense against the Jacksonville Jaguars "offense."  Last week the managed to score 0 points against the Kansas City Chiefs and only found 2 points on the scoreboard thanks to a blocked punt.  Jacksonville's QB situation is bad, and Maurice Jones-Drew was only able to manage 45 yards on 15 carries.  If I heard on the radio correctly the other morning, the Jaguars only got the ball past midfield twice?!  The New England Patriots (26.8%) are the current favorite choice against the New York Jets.

Sunday Update: Nick Novak (0.3%) led the Chargers to a victory, with 4 FG and 3 XP, over the Eagles and was this weeks top Kicker.

You are on your own as far as kickers go!