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NFL Player Eliminator Week 3

I had a much better go at it in Week 2 with Peyton Manning, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, and the Oakland Raiders defense leading me to 101 points.  How did you do?

This is the perfect week to pick Matt Ryan (0.6%) as your QB.  The Dolphins aren't that tough of a matchup and without Steven Jackson, Ryan could attempt 45+ pass attempts!  Peyton Manning (32.9%) and Russell Wilson (18.6%) are the most popular choices, but a blowout awaits both the Broncos/Raiders and Seahawks/Jaguars matchups and second half handoffs seem highly likely!

Which is exactly why Marshawn Lynch (47.6%) and Knowshon Moreno (23.9%) are this weeks top two RBs!  I on the other hand will be taking Adrian Peterson (21.2%) this week against the Browns and Joique Bell (7.7%) against the Redskins.  It doesn't even matter who Peterson is going up against, but I like the fact that the Browns offense is so terrible and Brandon Weeden will not be under center, which should put the Vikings on offense quite often.  As far as Bell goes, Reggie Bush might not even play in this one, and even if he does, as soon as the Lions build a lead, Bush will be resting on the sidelines!

And the Lions will build that lead thanks to Calvin Johnson (21.2%) and the Redskins lack of pass defense. Picking him and Demaryius Thomas (23.6%) is not only the right thing to do this week, but it is also the most popular thing, and who doesn't like doing the same thing everyone else is doing!  You could easily go with any of the Broncos receivers this week.

At TE, I will continue to take the big guy matching up with the Steelers.  This week is just so happens to be Martellus Bennett (3.0%) who has already caught 3 touchdowns!  The Bengals 2 TEs, Jermaine Gresham and Tyler Eifert, caught 12 passes for 132 yards last week so I am counting on Bennett to have a VERY nice day.  Julius Thomas (19.0%) and Jimmy Graham (16.9%) are the two most popular choice for Week 3 and who can blame you!

You can't go wrong on Defense this week with the Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks.  The Broncos matchup with the Oakland Raiders who don't score points and the Seahawks host the Jacksonville Jaguars who can't pick up first downs.  I am with the majority and taking the 66.2% owned Seahawks. 

You are on your own as far as kickers go!