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NFL Player Eliminator Week 4

I put up back to back 100 point week with help from Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, Joique Bell, Calvin Johnson and the Seattle Seahawks defense.  How did you do?

This week the Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck (20.8%) and the Denver Broncos Peyton Manning (19.9%) are the top selected QBs with matchups against the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles respectively.   Because I am not a fan of the other QB matchups this week, I am going with Luck, as I have already used Peyton.  With Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw in the backfield, Andrew Luck's life has NEVER been easier.  This game won't be a close one but hopefully the Colts can score early and often with some big pass plays!

At RB, the Kansas City Chiefs Jamaal Charles (24.3%) and the Washington Redskins Alfred Morris (20.4%) are Week 4s most popular options.  Charles has a matchup with the New York Football Giants and I am not entirely sure why this is such a popular pick.  The reason why the Giants have given up so many rushing yards is because they have been behind for most of the season, but only give up 4 yards per carry, which is right smack in the middle of the NFL.  Morris will go up against the Oakland Raiders who give up just 4.1 yards per carry, but you need to pick a top RB each week and I don't like the other matchups for guys like Doug Martin (12.7%) against the Arizona Cardinals and playing with a rookie QB making his NFL debut and DeMarco Murray (17.3%) against the San Diego Chargers.  My other RB this week is Matt Forte (14.3%) against the Detroit Lions.  I am going with Forte, not because I expect him to rush for 100 yards, but because he has been a big part of the passing game and want to take advantage of the Chicago Bears offense while healthy and clicking!

For the 3rd straight week I am going with a Denver Broncos WR and this week it is Eric Decker (5.2%).  Well, why not?  My other WR is Antonio Brown (18.1%) of the Pittsburgh Steelers, who is the 2nd most popular option this week behind Wes Welker (19.5%).  Brown is going against a Minnesota Vikings defense that just got lit up by Brian Hoyer and Josh Gordon.

I am going with the consensus pick at TE this week in Jason Witten (14.2%).  The Dallas Cowboys could be playing without Miles Austin or a best case scenario, Austin at 75%.  Witten is in line for a bunch of targets as the San Diego Chargers secondary will have to focus on Dez Bryant.  As expected, Jimmy Graham (12.0%) and Julius Thomas (13.8%) are the #2 and #3 TEs for Week 4.

I am taking the Tennessee Titans (8.6%) defense this week against the New York Jets.  I now the Jets just put up 27 points and gained over 500 yards of offense, but the Buffalo Bills are no the Titans.  The Titans are top 10 against the pass this season and this game will be won on the ground as both teams try to establish some type of run game.  This could be a quick 10-7 type game, where the clock never stops.  The Indianapolis Colts (32.4%) and Kansas City Chiefs (22.5%) are the top defensive choices this week.

You are on your own as far as kickers go!