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Fantasy Sports Update

So I have not surfed the Internet, read twitter or any blog, talked to anyone about sports or even looked at a box score for the past 10 days.  I came back to a flurry of emails, updates and alerts and was shocked at some of the news. Here are some of the highlights I missed while I was gone and PLEASE feel free to add anything I missed in the comments section! Glad to be back! Fantasy Football starts Thursday Night!

Fantasy Baseball

  • Rockies lose Rafael Betancourt to an elbow injury, and will most likely miss the rest of the season, but should be seeing Carlos Gonzalez return to the lineup shortly
  • Braves lose Brandon Beachy to an elbow injury, could return by the end of the regular season
  • Mets lose Matt Harvey to an elbow injury, and will miss the rest of the season and potentially all of next season!
  • Dodgers should get Matt Kemp right in time for the playoffs
  • Pirates should get Jason Grilli back by the middle of the month and could see Wandy Rodriguez return to the rotation shortly
  • Rays get Matt Moore back today
  • Mariners get Mike Zunino back in the lineup
  • Red Sox will get Clay Buchholz back in the rotation


Fantasy Football