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Thinking 'Bout Thursday - Broncos vs Ravens

What Peyton Manning did to that poor Baltimore Ravens defense last night was just unfair.  27 completions for 462 yards and 7 touchdowns?!  On opening night?!  C'Mon Man!  The Denver Broncos offense can't possibly do this on a weekly basis right?  Or is the Ravens D just that bad without Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and the rest of the gang that left Bmore.  Either way, somehow, Eric Decker was left out of all the fun.  Even Andre Caldwell caught his 1 catch in the endzone.  Decker was targeted 7 times, but only hauled in 2 catches for 32 yards. Demaryius Thomas (5 catches, 11 targets, 161 yards), Wes Welker (9,11,67) and Julius Thomas (5,7,110) each caught a pair of TDs.

Not that they needed too, but the Broncos could not move the ball on the ground.  21 rushing attempts went just 67 yards and no carry went further than Montee Ball's 9 yard run.  Knowshon Moreno led the team with 9 carries, Ball had 8 and Ronnie Hillman saw 4.

As for the Ravens, they do understand that Ray Rice is one of the best running backs in all of football right?  And that Joe Flacco should never, ever, ever, ever throw the football 62 times in a single game, especially with that motley crew of wide receivers!  I mean sure 8 catches for Rice is great in PPR leagues, but 12 rushing attempts?  For a team that led at half time, he should have had many more attempts.  He did manage to score a 1 yard TD which solidified his week but still.  If Baltimore doesn't get back to running the football, I am not sure they will have much success this season.  Not having Dennis Pitta or Anquan Boldin doesn't allow them to try and throw the football.  Flacco looked terrible, especially on that Danny Trevathan "drop six."   He did completed 34 passes, and threw for 342 yards with 2 TDs so he had good fantasy numbers, but where it counts for him, he wasn't very good last night.

Torrey Smith had his typical 4 catch 92 yard game, but not catching a TD is what makes him such a difficult receiver to want in fantasy.  Marlon Brown did a nice job introducing himself to the world as an option in the Ravens offense.  He caught 4 passes for 64 yards and an easy TD.  It was weird to see Brandon Stokley and Dallas Clark on the field with Peyton, but catching passes from Joe.  Clark led the team in targets with 12 and caught 7 of them for 87 yards.  Stokley caught just 4 of his 10 targets for 34 yards.  Jacoby Jones had 3 receptions, and Ed Dickson had a single catch

What did you take away from Thursday Night?