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NFL Player Eliminator Week 6

Last week saw my streak of 100+ points come to an end and I wasted Aaron Rodgers (14 pts) and Reggie Bush (6). I could have had a really nice week, I had 86 points thanks to the St. Louis Rams, Matt Prater, Randall Cobb and Josh Gordon. How has your season played out so far?

This week I am going with Thursday Night Football at the QB position and Jay Cutler (21.2%) vs the New York Giants. Cutler sticks to the basics and only targets his 2 WRs (Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery) his TE (Martellus Bennett) and his RB (Matt Forte). The offense is simple and Cutler has looked really good this season. He averages 20 points per game and he should easily finish with above average points against a below average Giants D. The only QB with a higher ownership is Tony Romo (30.7%).

The majority of owners are going with Arian Foster (34.8%) this week against a St. Louis Rams defense that allows 126 yards per game on the ground. Right behind him is Knowshon Moreno (30.1%) against the woeful Jacksonville Jaguars. I think Moreno is a bad option this week just because this will be a blowout and a great opportunity for Denver to work Ronnie Hillman and Monte Ball in the 2nd half. I am going with less popular options in Trent Richardson (4.7%) and Danny Woodhead(4.3%). Richardson continues to average just about 3 yards per carry, but the Chargers run defense is just as bad as it's secondary. On the flipside, the Chargers can't run the ball which is why I like Woodhead! San Diego averages 311 passing yards per game and Woody is a big part of the attack with 36 targets and 3 touchdowns.

At the WR position, I am taking A.J. Green (10.4%) and Alshon Jeffery (11.1%), matching up my WR with my QB for the second week in a row. A.J. is due for a big day against a weak Buffalo Bills defense. Green hasn't done much of anything since his 9/162/2 opening line but he is way to talented to be silenced for this long. I like Jeffery because the Giants can't possibly matchup with Brandon Marshall (16.3%) and him, but I feel like the Giants will make Jeffery beat them, while doubling up on Marshall. Dez Bryant (30.8%) is the top option this week against the Redskins with Eric Decker (19.3%) Wes Welker (16.6) and Marshall behind him.

With Owen Daniels out for a while I am taking Garrett Graham (10.7%) in his first starting gig for the Houston Texans. The majority of owners are going with Jason Witten (18.0%) or Julius Thomas (14.7), stop me if you have heard this before.

If there was ever a week to use the Denver Broncos defense, this is it against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Go with nearly half of owners (48.7%) and take them this week!

You are on your own as far as kickers go!