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Jay Cutler Out 4 Weeks - Torn Groin Muscle

The Chicago Bears will be without starting QB Jay Cutler until Week 12 at best, as he tore his groin muscle on Sunday.  Cutler was having one of his better season with a 91.7 QB rating, the highest of his career.  This will leave Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery owners a little depressed, but Matt Forte rushed for 2 touchdowns after Cutler left in a shootout with the Washington Redskins.  Josh McCown did hook up with Martellus Bennett in the endzone on one of his 14 completions.  Brandon Marshall caught 3 passes from McCown and every other pass completed in the game was from McCown, including all of Jeffery's 105 yards.

As Week 8 will see Chicago on a BYE week, Cutler owners were already planning on doing without him.  However, Week 9 will see Peyton Manning, Matthew Stafford, Eli Manning, Carson Palmer, Colin Kaepernick, and Chad Henne on BYE weeks, so if you MUST add McCown, go ahead and do so.