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Fix Your Fantasy Basketball Roster

The NBA is being dominated this season by the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trail Blazers, who have a combined 36-4 record.  Paul George is on pace to win the MVP award, Lance Stephenson has already recorded 2 triple-doubles and Roy Hibbert is protecting the paint, averaging over 4 blocks per game!  The Spurs are second to the Pacers in points allowed per game and on offense only the Miami Heat knock down a higher percentage of shots attempted.  Out on the West Coast, LaMarcus Aldridge is dropping 22 points per game for the Blazers while Damian Lillard, Wes Matthews and Nicolas Batum are helping Portland lead the league in 3pt shooting. 

San Antonio and Portland are both on 10 game win streaks while the Heat have 6 Ws in a row.

New York is a combined 6-19 this season with both the Knicks and Nets winning just 3 games.  Only the Milwaukee Bucks and Utah Jazz have worse records.  But fantasy basketball does not care about team records, only individual stats.  Take a look at these players widely available in ESPN leagues and fix your roster today!

Rodney Stuckey, Det SG1227.65.8/12.00.4793.8/4.40.8490.615.828.2
Gerald Green, Pho SF, SG1328.45.5/11.20.4861.7/2.20.7592.615.259.5
Caron Butler, Mil SF1030.65.1/12.90.3952.2/2.70.8152.114.531.6
Jodie Meeks, LAL SG1427.54.7/9.10.5161.5/1.90.7782.413.317.7
Nick Young, LAL SG, SF1424.74.6/10.60.4392.6/3.40.7871.213.128.3
Dion Waiters, Cle SG1227.74.8/12.40.3892.2/3.30.6671.213.027.2
Glen Davis, Orl PF224.05.0/10.00.5003.0/4.00.7500.013.018.2
Avery Bradley, Bos SG, PG1530.55.7/13.50.4261.0/1.30.7500.512.925.3
Jared Sullinger, Bos PF1323.55.1/10.40.4892.0/2.60.7650.512.731.1
Markieff Morris, Pho PF1226.14.7/9.30.5002.2/2.80.7650.411.940.6
Gary Neal, Mil PG1124.24.1/10.50.3881.7/2.20.7922.011.93.4
Ramon Sessions, Cha PG1421.63.6/8.50.4294.3/5.90.7230.311.92.7
Martell Webster, Wsh SF, SG1331.43.8/8.80.4391.9/2.10.9262.211.837.4
Vince Carter, Dal SG, SF1323.33.9/9.70.4051.8/2.20.7931.711.311.3
Brandon Bass, Bos PF1528.24.5/9.90.4502.1/2.40.8890.011.124.6
Boris Diaw, SA PF, C1223.64.8/8.50.5591.1/1.50.7220.511.13.8
Alec Burks, Uta SG, PG1527.13.9/10.50.3762.7/3.90.7070.411.015.7
Jason Smith, Nor PF, C1227.44.6/8.80.5191.6/1.80.8640.010.84.7
Ray Allen, Mia SG1026.53.6/7.70.4681.6/1.90.8421.710.536.5
John Henson, Mil PF, C1225.04.5/8.30.5401.4/2.30.6300.010.429.4
James Anderson, Phi SG1534.33.9/8.90.4400.9/1.20.7221.710.47.3
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cha SF1427.73.9/7.70.5092.4/3.60.6470.010.237.8
Marcus Morris, Pho PF1323.13.6/7.60.4751.6/2.20.7501.410.21.7
Amir Johnson, Tor PF, C1329.24.3/7.60.5661.1/1.60.6670.410.160.2
Jarrett Jack, Cle PG1426.24.0/9.20.4341.2/1.40.8500.910.131.7
Patrick Beverley, Hou PG1129.53.5/8.40.4241.0/1.20.8461.910.018.3
C.J. Miles, Cle SF1218.33.8/8.40.4550.8/0.80.9001.610.05.2

Gerald Green, Pho SF, SG1328.45.5/11.20.4862.615.259.5
Jodie Meeks, LAL SG1427.54.7/9.10.5162.413.317.7
Martell Webster, Wsh SF, SG1331.43.8/8.80.4392.211.837.4
Caron Butler, Mil SF1030.65.1/12.90.3952.114.531.6
Gary Neal, Mil PG1124.24.1/10.50.3882.011.93.4
Patrick Beverley, Hou PG1129.53.5/8.40.4241.910.018.3
Vince Carter, Dal SG, SF1323.33.9/9.70.4051.711.311.3
Ray Allen, Mia SG1026.53.6/7.70.4681.710.536.5
James Anderson, Phi SG1534.33.9/8.90.4401.710.47.3
C.J. Miles, Cle SF1218.33.8/8.40.4551.610.05.2
Josh McRoberts, Cha PF1328.23.4/8.50.3961.69.35.7
P.J. Tucker, Pho SG, SF1330.93.5/7.50.4741.59.44.0
Mike Dunleavy, Chi SG1224.33.2/6.70.4751.59.26.1
Ben McLemore, Sac SG1321.83.1/8.20.3741.58.833.1

Robin Lopez, Por C1430.
Kevin Garnett, Bkn PF, C1222.
Zaza Pachulia, Mil C1128.
Samuel Dalembert, Dal C1424.
Tiago Splitter, SA PF, C1322.
DeJuan Blair, Dal C, PF1420.
Jared Sullinger, Bos PF1323.56.80.612.731.1
Omer Asik, Hou C1218.
Amir Johnson, Tor PF, C1329.26.60.910.160.2
Taj Gibson, Chi PF1224.
John Henson, Mil PF, C1225.06.01.910.429.4
Caron Butler, Mil SF1030.
Marcus Morris, Pho PF1323.
Markieff Morris, Pho PF1226.15.80.311.940.6
Andray Blatche, Bkn PF, C1322.
DeMarre Carroll, Atl SF1430.
Andrew Nicholson, Orl PF1319.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Cha SF1427.75.40.910.237.8
Josh McRoberts, Cha PF1328.
Vitor Faverani, Bos C1517.

Mo Williams, Por PG, SG1425.
Kirk Hinrich, Chi SG1227.
Nate Wolters, Mil PG1227.
Jordan Farmar, LAL PG1419.
Josh McRoberts, Cha PF1328.
Reggie Jackson, OKC PG1223.
Manu Ginobili, SA SG1323.
Jarrett Jack, Cle PG1426.
Brandon Knight, Mil PG, SG416.
Shaun Livingston, Bkn PG1324.
Ramon Sessions, Cha PG1421.
Louis Williams, Atl PG, SG316.

Iman Shumpert, NY SG, PG, SF1231.
Tony Allen, Mem SG1225.
DeJuan Blair, Dal C, PF1420.
Gerald Wallace, Bos SF1525.
Dion Waiters, Cle SG1227.

John Henson, Mil PF, C1225.06.01.910.429.4
Robin Lopez, Por C1430.
Samuel Dalembert, Dal C1424.
Jason Smith, Nor PF, C1227.44.91.310.84.7
Vitor Faverani, Bos C1517.
Andrew Bynum, Cle C1016.
Brandon Bass, Bos PF1528.
Taj Gibson, Chi PF1224.