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Preparing for the Fantasy Football Playoffs - Quarterbacks

Aaron RodgersMost fantasy football leagues will begin their playoffs come Week 14 and if you have already clinched a spot, or are battling for one this week, it is important to recognize matchups for the rest of the NFL season.  Maybe Carson Palmer has been a huge part of your end of the season playoff run but Weeks 14, 15, and 16 are tough matchups against the St. Louis Rams, Tennessee Titans and Seattle Seahawks. 

Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler owners got off to hot starts this season, before injuries potentially ended your fantasy football season.  However, if you weren't savvy enough to save your season by trade, waiver wire, or a nice late round draft pick, there are QBs available that have solid matchups.  Both Rodgers and Cutler should be back when needed most, but just in case, add one of these guys to your roster.

The Houston Texans have struggled in every aspect of football this season, but Case Keenum has shown a beautiful deep ball and hooked up with Andre Johnson numerous times for big plays.  Houston gets the Jacksonville Jaguars, Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos during the fantasy playoffs.

Alex Smith is available in many leagues and when needed, can put up some nice fantasy numbers.  The Kansas City Chiefs will play road games in Washington against the Redskins and in Oakland against the Raiders before a Week 16 home game against the Indianapolis Colts.  Those are excellent matchups.

Jason Campbell gets the New England Patriots in Week 14, the Bears Week 15 (not a great matchup) but then the New York Jets Week 16.  He is blessed to have Josh Gordon on his side, who just turned 14 receptions into 237 yards and a TD.  He hasn't synced up with Jordan Cameron yet, just 14 catches in 4 starts, but it's another weapon he has.

The Worst QB with the Best Matchups

Joe Flacco.  Yes, $100 mil Joe Flacco has the best matchups come fantasy playoff time.  It would not surprise me one bit if Joe Flacco is the reason some owners win their fantasy football leagues.  Ray Rice finally got on track in Week 12, and during the playoffs, Flacco will get the Minnesota Vikings at home, the Detroit Lions on the road and the New England Patriots at home.

The Best QB with the Worst Matchups

Cam NewtonDrew Brees owners are in for a wild ride, as the New Orleans Saints will face the Carolina Panthers twice in 3 weeks.  In the middle of that matchup is a road game in St. Louis against the Rams.  Only Carson Palmer has a tougher stretch of games.

So if the Saints are playing the Panthers twice, that means Cam Newton is also going to have a difficult time when the playoffs roll around.  Rob Ryan's Saints are a much better group this season than in years past and are actually amongst the best defenses in the NFL, especially against the pass.

PPR Only

Ryan Tannehill has completed 97 passes over the last 4 weeks, good for 2nd best in the NFL tied with Ben Roethlisberger and Philip Rivers. Only Drew Brees has completed more passes and that has led to a nice boost in fantasy points for Tannehill. His 1015 passing yards is also good for 6th in the league over that span but it has led to just 4 TDs. This is a deep PPR desperation move!  The Miami Dolphins will face the Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.


Was your season derailed by injuries to Rodgers or Cutler?  If so, let us know what moves you made to replace them, how the rest of your season turned out and what you plan to do come playoff time if you made it this far!