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Al Horford Out Indefinitely - Torn Pectoral

Shortly after news broke about Russell Westbrook and his knee injury, an MRI revealed a torn pectoral for Atlanta Hawks center Al Horford.  Both have a huge impact in real life and fantasy basketball, but for us fantasy players, replacing Horford might be more difficult than finding a replacement for Russell.

This is Horford's second pectoral injury in 3 season, as he missed 55 of the Hawks 66 games in the 2011-2012 lock out season.  This season, Horford is averaging a career high 18.6 points on 57% shooting and 1.5 blocks, but his rebounding is down to just 8.6 per game.  The Hawks replaced Josh Smith with Paul Milsap, and have been playing at a level not many expected, jumping out to a 16-13 start in a WEAK Eastern Conference.  Losing Horford is going to cause a big problem for Atlanta, if they expect to continue to play at such a high level without trading for a replacement.  Pero Antic and Gustavo Ayon just won't cut it.

Omer Asik is available if you believe in trade rumors, but what do the Atlanta Hawks have that the Houston Rokcets would want/need?  Kyle Korver? Brooklyn Nets next two 1st round draft picks?  I'm not even sure I would give up the Nets pick for Asik considering this years draft class.

Us fantasy owners on the other hand, can just go to the free agent pool and pick up who ever is available. Here are the players eligible to play the center position that are most likely available in your ESPN league sorted by minutes per game over the last 15 days:

Anderson Varejao, Cle C28.60.4620.66710.
Channing Frye, Pho PF, C28.00.4590.8006.
Jason Smith, Nor PF, C26.30.4520.5004.
Boris Diaw, SA PF, C26.20.5610.6253.
Andray Blatche, Bkn PF, C 26.00.4420.7946.
Jason Thompson, Sac PF, C24.90.5790.3644.
Markieff Morris, Pho PF, C24.30.4510.7425.81.01.811.831.9
Andrew Bynum, Cle C22.00.3830.6675.
Tiago Splitter, SA PF, C21.40.3780.5635.
Timofey Mozgov, Den C21.30.4880.6526.
Brandan Wright, Dal PF, C21.20.7350.6474.61.80.412.214.2
DeJuan Blair, Dal C, PF20.80.6330.5005.
Chris Andersen, Mia C19.20.6670.6365.
Ed Davis, Mem PF, C19.10.5430.7143.
Jordan Hill, LAL PF, C18.90.6380.6676.
Kendrick Perkins, OKC C18.90.5000.7143.
Kevin Garnett, Bkn PF, C18.80.3750.8335.
Cody Zeller, Cha PF, C18.60.4320.8334.
Enes Kanter, Uta C17.70.3270.6674.
Chris Kaman, LAL C17.30.3790.5716.
Kosta Koufos, Mem PF, C17.10.4650.2006.
Nick Collison, OKC PF, C17.10.5520.8573.
Steven Adams, OKC C16.10.3330.6884.
Samuel Dalembert, Dal C15.80.5240.8004.
Bismack Biyombo, Cha C15.70.5880.4555.
Kevin Seraphin, Wsh C15.20.5630.7784.
Tyler Zeller, Cle C12.70.6921.0003.
Kelly Olynyk, Bos C12.60.3500.8332.
Vitor Faverani, Bos C11.40.6000.0002.

For all you Yahoo Fantasy Basketball players:

Yahoo Centers% OwnedGP*MPGFG%FT%PTSREBBLK
Josh McRoberts Cha - PF,C18%730:51:000.4520.75046315
Glen Davis Orl - PF,C38%630:10:000.4640.56373434
Jared Sullinger Bos - PF,C57%529:24:000.5000.81590383
Miles Plumlee Pho - PF,C46%629:10:000.5380.385617210
Channing Frye Pho - PF,C49%628:00:000.4590.80081375
Brandon Bass Bos - PF,C45%527:48:000.3950.80038322
Taj Gibson Chi - PF,C32%726:42:000.4920.667783910
Jason Smith NO - PF,C10%426:15:000.4520.50029195
Boris Diaw SA - PF,C9%926:13:000.5610.62579343
J.J. Hickson Den - PF,C55%625:40:000.5080.57777604
Andray Blatche Bkn - PF,C42%625:40:000.4090.76976333
Markieff Morris Pho - PF,C34%624:19:000.4510.74271356
Jon Leuer Mem - PF,C13%722:420.5760.66780351
Amare Stoudemire NY - PF,C41%621:400.5090.57965242
Tiago Splitter SA - C48%721:250.3780.56346403
Timofey Mozgov Den - C6%621:190.4880.65255415
Brandan Wright Dal - PF,C26%521:120.7350.64761239
DeJuan Blair Dal - PF,C11%520:480.6330.50041291
Chris Andersen Mia - PF,C5%619:100.6670.63632319
Jordan Hill LAL - PF,C28%818:520.6380.66778505
Cody Zeller Cha - PF,C30%718:340.4320.83343316
Luis Scola Ind - PF,C26%617:190.5950.72264253
Chris Kaman LAL - PF,C27%417:150.3790.57126276
Kosta Koufos Mem - PF,C11%717:080.4650.20041483
Samuel Dalembert Dal - C41%515:480.5240.80026245
Kelly Olynyk Bos - C27%512:360.3500.83321141
Elton Brand Atl - PF,C7%712:000.6670.833293110