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Injuries Making Fantasy Basketball Very Difficult

Another week of NBA games have passed, and two more important players have been injured.  The New Orleans Pelicans lost Anthony Davis to a hand fracture, and the Los Angeles Clippers will be without J.J. Redick for up to 2 months with a broken hand and elbow injury. 

Davis has really come along this season averaging 18.8 points per game, 10.2 rebounds, 3.6 blocks and added 1.6 steals.  He is shooting just under 50% on the season and knocking down 85% of his free throws.  Ryan Anderson owners were already seeing nice numbers from the stretch 4, but now a move into the starting rotation and a shot at some more rebounds should only boost his value.  This also means guards Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans are going to have to score more than their combined 27 points per game.  Al-Farouq Aminu could see a small boost in stats with Davis sidelined as well.

New Orleans sits at 8-8 and without Anthony Davis until 2014, could find themselves buried in the Western Conference standings before the New Year, with a tough December schedule ahead of them, that includes 2 games with the Portland Trail Blazers, as well as games with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors.  The Pelicans will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Clippers who just lost J.J. Redick, but are in a much better position to handle the loss.

Redick is averaging just under 16 points per contest, while shooting 46% from the field and 36% from beyond the arc.  His 3pt shooting is below average but he is knocking down he mid range shot at a career high percentage.  Doc Rivers can create multiple lineups with Redick out, and it was Willie Green who got first crack at the starting gig, but played just 15 minutes.  Jamal Crawford will benefit most, as he will get an increase in shot attempts and minutes.  Darren Collison has been playing extra minutes with Chris Paul being held back by a hamstring injury but both he and Reggie Bullock are some deep league plays while Redick is out.

If you were unfortunate enough to lose one or both of these studs this weekend, take a look at our suggestions for players to add for the time being.  Already made your move?  Let us know what you did the comments section!

Dion Waiters, Cle SG1528.55.3/12.70.4192.7/3.91.414.736.5
Nick Young, LAL SG, SF1825.04.9/11.20.4412.9/3.71.314.235.8
Jared Sullinger, Bos PF1725.15.4/11.10.4871.6/2.20.813.358.0
Caron Butler, Mil SF DTD1229.54.6/11.90.3852.0/
Jodie Meeks, LAL SG1828.14.5/9.20.4912.0/
Tony Wroten, Phi PG1625.24.9/11.50.4292.3/4.00.712.85.9
Avery Bradley, Bos SG, PG1929.95.6/13.00.4330.8/1.20.612.720.1
Markieff Morris, Pho PF1626.14.8/9.70.4902.8/3.40.412.633.6
Glen Davis, Orl PF529.45.4/10.80.5001.8/
Gary Neal, Mil PG1522.93.9/10.20.3861.5/1.91.911.32.9
Andray Blatche, Bkn PF, C1722.64.5/9.20.4871.9/
Reggie Jackson, OKC PG1523.64.5/9.30.4861.5/1.60.511.114.2
Raymond Felton, NY PG1235.44.4/11.40.3871.2/
Alec Burks, Uta SG, PG1826.33.9/10.10.3852.7/3.80.410.911.8
Ramon Sessions, Cha PG1820.73.3/7.90.4134.1/5.50.310.92.4
Channing Frye, Pho PF, C1727.04.1/8.90.4640.8/0.91.810.861.0
Brandon Bass, Bos PF1928.84.4/9.50.4671.9/
Wilson Chandler, Den SF, SG1027.53.8/9.00.4221.5/2.11.510.664.7
Vince Carter, Dal SG, SF1724.43.8/10.10.3741.6/2.01.510.69.3
Taj Gibson, Chi PF1524.74.5/9.30.4791.6/
Manu Ginobili, SA SG1723.54.1/9.10.4520.8/0.81.410.445.8
Marvin Williams, Uta SF, PF1225.64.0/8.40.4750.8/1.11.710.414.2
Tony Allen, Mem SG1525.54.2/7.80.5381.7/2.40.310.47.2
Boris Diaw, SA PF, C1622.54.4/7.90.5561.1/1.50.610.43.2
John Henson, Mil PF, C1624.74.5/8.80.5141.3/
Jason Smith, Nor PF, C1626.64.4/8.90.5001.4/
Miles Plumlee, Pho PF, C1729.34.5/9.00.5031.1/
Nate Robinson, Den PG, SG1618.13.6/8.60.4131.4/1.71.510.123.4
Andrew Nicholson, Orl PF1619.34.1/7.80.5201.3/1.60.710.13.3
Michael Beasley, Mia SF, PF1216.14.1/7.50.5441.4/1.80.510.12.2

Jodie Meeks, LAL SG1828.10.4910.8372.213.214.8
Caron Butler, Mil SF DTD1229.50.3850.8282.013.223.9
Gary Neal, Mil PG1522.90.3860.8211.911.32.9
Channing Frye, Pho PF, C1727.00.4640.8131.810.861.0
Randy Foye, Den SG, PG1625.80.3930.7501.89.82.1
Patrick Beverley, Hou PG1530.50.4050.8131.89.523.8
Danny Green, SA SG, SF1723.70.4471.0001.88.163.1
Marvin Williams, Uta SF, PF1225.60.4750.6921.710.414.2
Ray Allen, Mia SG1425.00.4500.8571.69.934.8
James Anderson, Phi SG, SF1832.80.4250.7371.69.95.9
C.J. Miles, Cle SF1318.20.4530.9001.69.73.8
Wilson Chandler, Den SF, SG1027.50.4220.7141.510.664.7
Vince Carter, Dal SG, SF1724.40.3740.8241.510.69.3
Nate Robinson, Den PG, SG1618.10.4130.8521.510.123.4
Mario Chalmers, Mia PG1527.70.4340.7741.59.348.9

Miles Plumlee, Pho PF, C1729.30.5038.51.910.157.0
Jordan Hill, LAL PF, C1822.00.5408.50.98.956.3
Robin Lopez, Por C1730.00.4838.41.48.534.0
DeJuan Blair, Dal C, PF1820.80.5317.
Anderson Varejao, Cle C1729.50.5007.70.68.458.8
Kevin Garnett, Bkn PF, C1523.10.3667.70.96.850.0
Jared Sullinger, Bos PF1725.10.4877.40.613.358.0
Zaza Pachulia, Mil C1526.90.3577.
Tiago Splitter, SA PF, C1721.30.5986.
Samuel Dalembert, Dal C1823.80.6296.
Omer Asik, Hou C1618.40.4906.90.44.642.8
John Henson, Mil PF, C1624.70.5146.42.210.347.3
Taj Gibson, Chi PF1524.70.4796.10.910.57.6
Kosta Koufos, Mem PF, C1620.70.4656.11.26.418.4
Glen Davis, Orl PF529.40.5006.00.412.633.2
Amir Johnson, Tor PF, C1627.80.5415.90.88.740.0
DeMarre Carroll, Atl SF1830.80.4095.
Markieff Morris, Pho PF1626.10.4905.80.312.633.6
Andray Blatche, Bkn PF, C1722.60.4875.80.511.116.0
Caron Butler, Mil SF DTD1229.50.3855.
Brandon Bass, Bos PF1928.80.4675.51.310.822.7

Raymond Felton, NY PG1235.40.3875.81.32.311.065.0
Mario Chalmers, Mia PG1527.70.4345.
Kirk Hinrich, Chi SG, PG1529.50.3834.
Mo Williams, Por PG, SG1625.30.4204.
Manu Ginobili, SA SG1723.50.4524.41.11.910.445.8
Jordan Farmar, LAL PG DTD1818.90.4384.
Josh McRoberts, Cha PF1728.00.3984.
Brandon Knight, Mil PG, SG822.30.3614.
Louis Williams, Atl PG, SG DTD519.40.3683.
Reggie Jackson, OKC PG1523.60.4863.71.02.311.114.2
Jarrett Jack, Cle PG, SG1726.50.4333.
Tony Wroten, Phi PG1625.20.4293.31.12.412.85.9

Tony Allen, Mem SG1525.50.5381.92.21.910.47.2
Mario Chalmers, Mia PG1527.70.4345.
Glen Davis, Orl PF529.40.5001.
DeJuan Blair, Dal C, PF1820.80.5311.
Gerald Wallace, Bos SF1924.90.4932.
Iman Shumpert, NY SG, PG, SF1629.70.4082.

John Henson, Mil PF, C1624.70.5146.
Miles Plumlee, Pho PF, C1729.30.5038.50.61.910.157.0
Wesley Johnson, LAL SF, SG1824.60.4363.
Samuel Dalembert, Dal C1823.80.6296.
Robin Lopez, Por C1730.00.4838.
Andrew Bynum, Cle C1317.80.4004.
Brandon Bass, Bos PF1928.80.4675.50.51.310.822.7
Kosta Koufos, Mem PF, C1620.70.4656.
Vitor Faverani, Bos C1916.70.4294.
Jason Smith, Nor PF, C1626.60.5005.