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What Is The Greatest NBA Draft Class Of All-Time

After looking back at just how bad the 2013 NBA draft was, we decided to look back at past drafts and see what year provided the NBA with the best players.

2001 - This year introduced us to some of the best international players who have played in the NBA. Pau Gasol, Tony Parker and Mehmet Okur were all an All-Star in their career, while Gasol and Parker have each won multiple championships. Joe Johnson, Tyson Chandler, Zach Randolph, Gilbert Arenas and Gerald Wallace were also part of this draft. Kwame Brown was selected #1 overall in this draft by Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards, and is one of the biggest busts in NBA history.

1960 - Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and Lenny Wilkens were all drafted in 1960 and all have been elected into the NBA Hall of Fame. Darrall Imhoff and Lee Shaffer were also part of this draft and were both all-stars.

1999 - 1999 produced a ton of very good NBA players who were all-stars at some point in their career. There were no real superstars but these guys all were very productive for their teams - Elton Brand, Steve Francis, Baron Davis, Wally Szczerbiak, Richard Hamilton, Shawn Marion, Ron Artest, and Andrei Kirilenko. Manu Ginobili was the biggest steal of the draft as he was the second to last pick by the San Antonio Spurs.

1970 - 7 of the first 8 picks in the 1970 draft went on to be either all-stars or were elected into the NBA Hall of Fame - Bob Lanier, Rudy Tomjanovich, Pete Maravich, Dave Cowens, Sam Lacey, John Johnson, Geoff Petrie. The first two picks of the 2nd round were Hall of Famers Calvin Murphy and Nate Archibald.

1985 - This draft might have produced the most productive big men in one draft. Patrick Ewing, Xavier McDonald, Chris Mullins, Detlef Schrempf, Charles Oakley, Karl Malone, and Joe Dumars were all selected in the top 18.

1981 - Mark Aguirre was selected by Dallas as the first overall pick, but they absolutely regret that. Isiah Thomas was selected with the second pick by Detroit and is now in the Hall of Fame. Also drafted this year wereDanny Ainge, Tom Chambers, Rolando Blackman and Larry Nance - the man to win the first ever NBA slam dunk contest.

1984 - This draft was loaded with superstars. Going first overall was Hakeem Olajuwon, arguably the greatest post player in the history of the game. The Round Mound of Rebound, Charles Barkley was taken 5th by Philadelphia. The all time NBA leader in steals and assists John Stockton was taken 16th by Utah, and a guy named Michael Jordan went 3rd overall to the Chicago Bulls. I've heard he's pretty good.

1996 - Some of the greatest scorers in the game came out of the 1996 draft. Allen Iverson was the first pick in the draft, but he was followed by guys like Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Stephon Marbury, Antoine Walker, Peja Stojakovic, Steve Nash, Jermaine O'Neal,  and Zydrunas Ilgauskas. Ben Wallace came to the NBA this year but went undrafted. Oh yea, Kobe Bryant was taken in this draft as well.

2003 - Just listen to these names taken in the top 5. Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. Yes I left out Darko Milicic who was taken 2nd. This draft not only produced those superstars but some other all-stars were selected as well like David West, Chris Kaman, and Mo Williams.

We ask all you NBA fans, what do you think is the greatest draft class of all time?