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A Different Approach to Fantasy Baseball

This season we are taking a different approach to fantasy baseball.  Considering the season is extremely lengthy, injuries and forgetting to look at your lineup can really screw you.  That is why we are splitting fantasy baseball into two seasons! 

Our points league will feature three winners:
  1. Pre All-Star Break
  2. Post All-Star Break
  3. Overall

Thanks to player splits statistics, it is possible to keep track of 1st half and 2nd half statistics, separately!  Now if you lose a player to an injury early in the season, it makes sense to hold on to him because after the All-Star break, every player resets back to zero points! 

Sure about 60% of the season is prior to the All-Star Game, which takes place in July, but there are a lot of young prospects that make their debuts who used to have no value in points leagues, as well as players who suffer an injury that sidelines them for a while.

Last Season Top 10 Hitters from the 1st Half vs the 2nd Half

Miguel Cabrera93362132812013073956030.365583
Chris Davis95343108442703770933800.315536
Mike Trout923701196729815655947210.322495
Paul Goldschmidt94352110662302160774990.313486
Carlos Gonzalez913541075422625686438160.302484
Adam Jones96395117742401967671390.296450
Edwin Encarnacion9134892501612560724640.264449
Dustin Pedroia96376119872516575651130.316442
Joey Votto95352112771911566427130.318438
Robinson Cano95354107681802153654860.302436

Cargo played in just 12 games after the All-Star game, but by using 1st half stats and resetting at the break, Carlos Gonzalez owners were able to get full value out of the games he did play.

Paul Goldschmidt6625072411331543485060.288344
Jayson Werth6523078481501546493670.339341
Mike Trout65219714810112443863120.324334
Matt Carpenter682688452273254333320.313328
Hunter Pence6825580531311338512980.314323
Andrew McCutchen6723981541241141354170.339312
Freddie Freeman662398058801440482910.335308
Matt Holliday582107348160939473230.348305
Eric Hosmer692799065161840392640.323304
Alfonso Soriano632385932901839522480.248300

Paul Goldschmidt and Mike Trout were the only hitters to make both top 10 lists!

Last Season Top 10 Pitchers from the 1st Half vs the 2nd Half

Adam Wainwright1252.452042146.240130437.4
Max Scherzer1313.191900129.246152418.4
Clayton Kershaw861.982032145.132139407.7
Felix Hernandez1042.532000138.239140407.4
Cliff Lee1032.861911138.244125394.9
Jordan Zimmermann1242.581931132.13895393.7
Patrick Corbin1112.351910130.134109390.7
Justin Masterson1073.722033135.156137382.7
Matt Harvey722.351900130.034147369.5
Bartolo Colon1232.701922126.23870369.4

The loss of Matt Harvey not only killed the New York Mets, but fantasy owners too.  However, in this format, Harvey's value was maximized!

Clayton Kershaw831.59130090.21693290.9
David Price732.871520106.23484290.4
James Shields933.06140094.03280286.0
Zack Greinke721.85140092.21980275.4
Anibal Sanchez722.20140090.02291273.5
Kris Medlen932.38120083.12271269.7
Max Scherzer822.44130084.22388269.4
C.J. Wilson813.42140092.03578268.0
Adam Wainwright743.69141095.03989265.5
Yu Darvish552.59140090.126120264.2

Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer and Adam Wainwright were the only pitchers to make both top 10 lists.

League Settings


2 x C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS
6 x OF, P

Each roster has 22 players (11 starters, 11 bench).  The draft is organized so that 1xC,1B,2B,3B,SS and 3 OF, P are selected by each owner.  Then you reverse the draft order for the "reserves" and draft the same positions again.  The league automatically decides who is on your starting team based on who has more fantasy points.


League scoring is completely customizable and can be made to fit your league. 
This is how we keep score:
  • Hitters
    • Singles - 1pt
    • Doubles - 2pts
    • Triples - 3pts
    • Homeruns - 2pts
    • RBI - 2pts
    • Runs Scored - 2pts
    • Walks - 1pt
    • Stolen Bases - 1pt

  • Pitchers
    • Win - 10 pts
    • Innings Pitched - 2 pts
    • Earned Runs Allowed - (1pt)
    • Strike Outs - .5pt

Roster Moves

When you decide that your draft was not strong enough and want to swap players, you must make a position for position change.  So if you wanted to drop John Buck in the 2nd half because he was not producing like in the first half, you would have to replace him with a catcher.  Same goes for all positions. 

You are also limited to just 1 move in May, 1 move in June and 1 move in July.  Since you do not need to edit your lineup on a daily basis, there is no need to make many transactions.  If the player added has more points than your other player at that position, he instantly becomes your starter and you earn all of his fantasy points, while subtracting the drop players fantasy points.

There are unlimited trades, up until August 31.  However, trades work like free agent moves and must be position for position.  Typically a trade is made when a backup player on someone else's roster has more points than your starter. 

Here is an example of a trade made last May:
Mike Napoli (207) for Joey Votto (225)
Chase Utley  (174) for Brandon Phillips (205)
Evan Longoria (220) for Martin Prado (127)

The Napoli/Utley/Longoria owner gained 49 points and the Votto/Phillips/Prado owner picked up 93.  At the time of the deal, adding Longoria gave him 93 points, 44 more than the other guy, but Votto and Phillips finished the season with more points and that side won the deal.

So what is your take on playing fantasy baseball this way?  If Yahoo, ESPN or CBS offered this would you consider playing?  Is it better suited for AL or NL only leagues?  Let us know in the comment section!