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Most Memorable Super Bowl Moments In The Last 10 Years

With Super Bowl XLVIII just six days away, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most memorable plays from the last 10 Super Bowls. These plays are in no specific order, just big plays for their team in crucial moments of the game.

New Orleans Saints Onsides Kick - Super Bowl XLIV
  • Playing in their first Super Bowl, New Orleans shocked everyone watching the game with an onsides kick to open the second half. Trailing 10-6 at the time, this was a huge gamble as it could have given Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts great field position to build on their lead. Luckily for the Saints, the gamble paid off as the Saints recovered the kick and ended up scoring a touchdown and taking the lead. New Orleans would end up winning the game 31-17. Watch it here
James Harrison 100 Yard Pick 6 - Super Bowl XLIII
  • This play made by Harrison was huge in so many ways. If the interception does not happen, then the Arizona Cardinals would have either tied the game with a field goal, or taken the lead with a touchdown going into halftime. Instead, it gave the Pittsburgh Steelers a 10 point halftime lead. Watching the play, it's amazing that Harrison was able to outrun the entire Cardinals offense in a 100 yard foot race. Also give some credit to the Steelers defense who made some great blocks, giving Harrison plenty of running room. Watch it here

Santonio Holmes Tip-toe Touchdown - Super Bowl XLIII
  • Surrounded by 3 defenders in the back corner of the end zone, Santonio Holmes was able to make a ridiculous catch as he reached out for the ball on his tip-toes. This play happened with less than a minute left to give the Pittsburgh Steelers the lead for good against the Arizona Cardinals. Holmes was crowned Super Bowl MVP. Watch it here

    David Tyree Helmet Catch - Super Bowl XLII
    • Not only is this the greatest play in the last 10 years, but possibly the greatest play in Super Bowl history. First of all this play happened with just 1:15 left in the game with the New York Giants trailing 14-10. Eli Manning somehow broke out of a potential sack by a number of Patriot defenders, throws up a prayer to David Tyree, who was able to make a ridiculous catch pinning the ball against his helmet with Rodney Harrison all over him. Four plays later, Eli threw a game winning touchdown to Plaxico Burress. Watch it here

      Adam Vinatieri Kicks A Game Winner - Super Bowl XXXVIII
      • Most fans do not like to see a game being won by a last second field goal, but Adam Vinatieri deserves all the credit in the world. With 9 seconds remaining in a 29-29 game, Vinatieri stayed calm and drilled a 41 yard field goal, which won the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots over the Carolina Panthers. Watch it here

        Blackout Bowl - Super Bowl XLVII
        • A blackout could not have come at a worse time for the NFL as millions of people were watching. At the time, the Ravens were beating the 49ers 28-6 early in the third quarter, and the blackout delayed the game 34 minutes. Watch it here

          Jacoby Jones 108 Yard Kickoff Return - Super Bowl XLVII
          • Already leading 21-6, Jacoby Jones decided to return the opening kickoff of the 2nd half from the back of the end zone. Jones used his speed to burn past all the 49ers special teams players and set a Super Bowl record with a 108 yard return. Watch it here

            Mario Manningham Sideline Grab - Super Bowl XLVI
            • One again the New York Giants trail the New England Patriots late in the 4th quarter and Eli Manning has to put together a game winning drive. Just a few years before Manning and Tyree connected on a ridiculous play to help win the Super Bowl, and now this time it's Eli making a perfect throw to Mario Manningham who made a terrific sideline catch. The Giants would end up scoring on this drive and winning the Super Bowl. Watch it here 

              Nick Collins Pick 6 - Super Bowl XLV
              • Late in the first quarter, the Green Bay Packers were beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 7-0. Pittsburgh was backed up near their own end zone, when Ben Roethlisberger threw an awful pass to Mike Wallace. Nick Collins cut off the pass to intercept it and dove into the end zone to put Green Bay up 14. Watch it here

                Tracy Porter Pick 6 - Super Bowl XLIV
                • With the New Orleans Saints leading the Indianapolis Colts by 7 with 3:24 left in the game, Peyton Manning was driving the Colts down the field for a potential game tying touchdown. Manning threw a pass to Reggie Wayne but it was picked off by Tracy Porter who returned it 77 yards for a touchdown, sealing the victory for the Saints. Watch it here

                  Larry Fitzgerald 64 Yard Touchdown - Super Bowl XLIII
                  • Arizona was trailing Pittsburgh by 4 points with under 3 minutes remaining in the game, when Kurt Warner completed a pass to Larry Fitzgerald over the middle. Fitzgerald put on his jets and burned the Steelers defense down the field for a 64 yard touchdown, giving Arizona the lead. Watch it here 

                    Devin Hester Returns Opening Kickoff For 92 Yard TD - Super Bowl XLI
                    • You can't start the game any better than the Chicago Bears did against the Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl XLI. Devin Hester took the opening kickoff and returned it 92 yards for a touchdown, quickly giving the Bears a 7-0 lead. Watch it here

                      Antwaan Randle El Touchdown Pass - Super Bowl XL
                      • In a close 14-10 game with just 9 minutes to play, the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to go with some trickery to spark their offense and build on their slim lead. They ran a toss for Willie Parker who flipped it to Antwaan Randle El on a reverse and Randle El threw a beautiful pass to Hines Ward for a 43 yard touchdown. Watch it here

                        Muhsin Muhammad Go Ahead 85 Yard Touchdown - Super Bowl XXXVIII
                        • Trailing by 5 points with 7 minutes remaining in the game, Jake Delhomme threw a bomb to Muhsin Muhammad who took it 85 yards to the house, giving the Carolina Panthers a 1 point lead over the New England Patriots. Watch it here