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Best Scorer in the NBA

People always say Carmelo Anthony is the best scorer in the NBA, and being a New York Knicks fan, it is hard to argue and at the same time very easy to debate!  But no NBA player, in recent memory, has had the stretch Kevin Durant is currently having.  Since the start of the new year, Kevin Durant is averaging over 35 points per game, including 5 40+ point nights.  He has scored 86 more points than Carmelo Anthony has, and has played one game less and Melo has attempted 28 more shots!

Next on the list of top scorers in 2014 is LaMarcus Aldrige and he is 150 points behind the "Slim Reaper."  Durantula is aided by leading the league in free throw attempts with 164 since January 1, 2014 and only Blake Griffin can say he has also attempted 100 FT attempts.

So who IS the NBA's best scorer?  How can you argue against Kevin Durant?!

The Y-Axis is the players True Shooting Percentage, while the X-Axis is total points scored.  LOOK WHERE DURANT IS IN COMPARISON!

Let's not forget, Durant is doing all of this (recently) without Russell Westbrook while LeBron James is aided by Dwyane Wade (sometimes) and Chris Bosh.  Carmelo is in a similar boat Durant captains, but is surrounded by many more capable scorers.