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NFL Divisional Round Predictions

Last week, just Anthony & Jason correctly picked the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers to win road playoff games.  Keith saved his week from being a complete loss, thanks to the San Francisco 49ers also winning their game on the road. Unfortunately for Travis, he put up a big fat 0.

This week, those winner head to much tougher territory and that should make for what seems to be some easier games to pick.  We are all in agreement that the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos should win.  All of us except, Jason, who lives in New Orleans so he gets a pass.  As for Andrew Luck vs Tom Brady, if the Colts manage to beat the Patriots, well then they might as well be crowned AFC champs.  They won't face a good defense until they get the Seahawks or 49ers in the Super Bowl!

6 of us picked San Fran to go into Carolina and beat the Panthers.  Colin Kaepernick vs Cam Newton, Defense vs Defense, should be a hell of a matchup!


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NFL Playoffs Divisional Round Predictions 
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Average Scores

Seahawks 28 - Saints 22
  • It seems Russell Wilson is going to do whatever it takes to lead his team to a victory.  Most of us have the Saints scoring less than 20 points but even when they score 24 or more, the Seahawks still come out victorious!
Patriots 28 - Colts 27
  • Who really knows how this one is going to play out.  Going to be the best game of the weekend, CAN'T WAIT!
49ers 22 - Panthers 18
  • The complete opposite matchup of the Pats-Colts, but will come down to the 4th quarter and whoever has the final possession! 
Broncos 35 - Chargers 22
  • We are all expecting a blowout, but let's not forget Phillip Rivers did beat Peyton Manning in Week 15 and the Chargers are 6-1 in their last 7 games, currently riding a 5 game win streak.  It's all about getting hot at the right time, and San Diego is doing just that!
    • Ryan Mathews is questionable with an ankle injury.  He got 29 carries the last time theses 2 met and rushed for 127 yards and a TD.