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NFL Conference Championship Predictions

Last week 5 of 9 "experts" picked all 4 games correct, leveling out the playing field.  This week we up the ante, adding the Over/Under and picking against the spreads.  Who do you think will represent the AFC and NFC in the NFL Super Bowl?  Give us your predictions in the comment section!

High profile games tend not to play out the way everyone anticipates.  With that, just Keith, Travis & Justin have picked the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots to score less than 55 points.  When they met back in November, they combined for 65 points, but that was a different time and a different Patriots attack.  If they have it their way, they will run the ball and the clock.  The last thing Tom Brady wants is Peyton Manning on the field.

As for the NFC Championship, we seem to all be in agreement that a 21-20 final score is a possibility, breaking the 40 point total, except for Jay & John.  And by using the same theory, its quite likely that we expect a defensive battle, but will see both Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick or Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore explode!


Each game will have a 2pt total, one for the spread and one for the over/under.
Push = No point

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