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Super Bowl XLVIII Story Lines

Super Bowl 48 is set.  The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks won their Conference Championship games and we have a GREAT matchup for Super Bowl Sunday at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.  The next two weeks of football media coverage are going to get  Russell Wilson vs Peyton Manning, Richard Sherman vs the World, Offense vs Defense, etc.  So let's talk about them here and now and then forget about it for about a week until Media Day on January 28th.

Richard Sherman Rant

OK, we all saw the Richard Sherman post game interview with Erin Andrews.  The internet exploded and it seems like a 50/50 split on positive and negative reactions to the rant.


Omaha! Omaha!

Peyton Manning raised nearly $25k during the AFC Championship game with his Omaha call.
Eight businesses will donate the money to Manning's Peyback Foundation after they committed to donate a combined $800 for each time he said the word "Omaha" at the line of scrimmage. Manning said "Omaha" 31 times during Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. - ESPN


The Forecast

We get it, the game is being played outside, in New Jersey, in February.  It's going to be cold and it MIGHT snow.  I don't see how it is any different than when it rained in Miami for Peyton's last Super Bowl appearance.  .


Offense vs Defense

The Denver Broncos record setting offense will be going against the Legion of Boom ("LOB")


The Decker's

Trust me, just click this.    Eric Decker's wife is SMOKING HOT.


Deaf NFL Player

This commercial is awesome.  Derrick Coleman's story is awesome.


CHAMPion Bailey?

Champ Bailey has been one of the best NFL cornerbacks for the past 15 seasons and he is finally getting a chance to play in a Super Bowl.


Papa John's or Skittles?

Who ya got?!?

What story lines do you think will take over the media coverage of Super Bowl 48?