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Would You Like To See The Super Bowl Played In The Snow?

Today the tri-state (NY/NJ/CT) area is getting hammered with snow, expected to get 6-12 inches through Wednesday morning.

This could potentially be the type of weather we see on Super Bowl Sunday.

Clearly any type of weather that would make it tough to throw the ball in would favor the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle already has the best defense in football, now take away the pass from Peyton Manning and Denver is at a huge disadvantage.

Remember what LeSean McCoy did in the snow against the Lions? Scary to think that we could potentially see that from Marshawn Lynch on Febraury 2nd. 

However one could argue that if you truly have the best team then you can win in any kind of weather or situation.

So I ask all of you football fans, would you like to see the game played in such wild weather conditions or does that turn you off because the game should be played in a dome or warm weather cities?