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Offense Is Nice, But Defense Wins Championships

As we all saw first hand, defense wins championships. Despite the record breaking season the Denver Broncos offense had this year, they ran into the Seattle Seahawks number one defense in the Super Bowl and were absolutely embarrassed.

Peyton Manning was under constant pressure, never got comfortable in the pocket, forced passes and turned the ball over three times. Seattle played tight coverage on all the Broncos receivers, batting down passes and not allowing yards after the catch. This was really the first time the Broncos had a difficult time moving the ball all year long. They also did not have to play the Seahawks during the regular season, the fastest, most physical, and aggressive defense in the entire NFL.

After losing in Super Bowl XLVIII, Peyton Manning became the 48th straight quarterback to lead the league in passing yards and not win a Super Bowl. The last quarterback to lead the NFL in passing yards and made it to the Super Bowl was Tom Brady back in 2007 when the Patriots lost to the Giants in one of the biggest upsets of all time.

There have been three other quarterbacks who have lead the league in passing yards and made the Super Bowl that year but lost - Rich Gannon (2002), Kurt Warner (2001), Dan Marino (1984).

A great offense can get you there, but without a defense you are not going to win the Super Bowl. It's time for teams to start focusing on their defense rather than stacking up on offense. Offensively, a good run game along with a quarterback who can manage a game is all you need, if you have a solid defense.

Of the 48 quarterbacks who have led the NFL in passing yards, here is how they fared:

  • 19 missed the playoffs that year
  • 5 lost in the Super Bowl
  • 10 lost in the championship round
  • 9 lost in the divisional round
  • 5 lost in the wild card round